1,000,000 People Can’t be Wrong


This episode is a talk with Red Belly Radio friend, Christi Day. What’s that you say, who is Christi? Well if you Twitter and follow Southwest Airlines, you have heard from Christi as she oversees our Twitter account. Why Christi now? Well our Twitter account has reached a milestone. Can you believe 1,000,000 people follow the @SouthwestAir tweets? Hmm, how long ’til a billion? We’ll start chipping away at that. Give it a listen and follow our tweets–you’ll make both of us happy.


  1. Thank you SWA for being flexible!

    I know my ticketless travel funds are good for one year from the date of purchase (not the flight) and I must rebook and fly before they expire. The other guys would have charged me at least $100 to change my plans. (and I would have had to book another flight before the original flight date passed or I would have lost it all)

    Thank you for LUVing my bags!

    My family will avoid $150 in checked bag fees on our upcoming trip. 3 bags at $25 each way from the other guys, free at Southwest!

  2. I just had my first bad experience with SW. I have previuos travel funds that SW says expired. You tell me..,
    If I purches a flight in Feb. 2009 for a flight in March 2009 and then cancel. I will have a credit on account.
    Now if I purchase a flight in Jan. 2010 for a flight in March 2010, SW says my credit has expired. They are supposed to be good for one year. The Customer Service Rep says it was from purchase date to flight date. This is screwed up. She then got an attitude. Not the typical “Let me help you” service expected from SW. Airlines are becoming just like insurance companies. The I don’t care attitude. Time to find a new airline. I suggest you look at your credits to make sure you can use them. Apparently you only get 11 months or less and not the year they claim to promise.