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Let's talk sports. In this busy world that we live in, at some point and time, some of us will stop and talk about sports…whether it is football, basketball, baseball, or golf, the water cooler talk will begin. The sports talk I've been hearing lately is not that of professional athletes…it's of our very own Employees in the Maintenance Department.... read more

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More Fun Inflight…


The other day on one of my flights, we had the opportunity to help Customer Martha celebrate her birthday.  Martha and her husband are frequent flyers here at Southwest Airlines.  I got one of the other Flight Attendants, Brianna to help me me make her a toilet paper "birthday cake" and a Southwest Airlines goodie bag which I created from some of the items that the Culture... read more

On The Road Again…


I have to admit it, I just love to travel. It is not uncommon for me to arrive home from five days of flying and ask my wife if she would like to go somewhere for the weekend! When I was young, my uncle traveled the world for a communications company and to receive his postcards from the far reaches of civilization was pretty incredible. I still get a rush from thinking about... read more

Oh, What a NIGHT!


WOW!!  Another great Awards Banquet at Southwest Airlines.  I had the opportunity to attend the Annual Awards Banquet this year as it was also my ten-year anniversary with the GREATEST Company in the WORLD. Before the banquet started, we all had the opportunity to walk down memory lane and check out the many variations of the uniforms that our Customer contact Employees... read more

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Amazing Boxes


It is a technological marvel that seems miraculous. I sit in comfort at 40,000 feet halfway to Hawaii in a jet while those all around me are reading, sleeping, watching the movie, or doing whatever people do to while away the time to get to their destination. Everyone seems oblivious to the fact that we are all flying through the air at 575 mph. It's as if they have forgotten... read more

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“Welcome Aboard the Flight of Your Life”


I recently celebrated my 20th anniversary with SWA. (Back then they actually hired 12-year olds!) Thinking back to my first day on the job, I remember how excited I was when I walked through the front door of the General Offices. I was about to embark on a new career with a Company with a strong reputation for encouraging its Employees to have FUN on the job, and I'm all about... read more

Market Research 101


Companies pay millions of dollars each year for market research. They do customer surveys to find out the likes and dislikes of the public, and they try to spot trends as well as figure out the next "in" product. I have a less expensive suggestion that is probably a lot more accurate and gives "real time" feedback across a broad section of the public: just ask our Flight... read more

35th Anniversary Bash!


WOW! What a night. Many of you may not realize but Southwest Airlines is famous for our celebrations and the 35th Anniversary Bash was no exception. I'm not sure how many people attended, but to me it seemed like thousands! I would like to thank Boeing for taking on the monumental task of hosting this great birthday celebration for us. The theme of the party was the 70s,and as... read more



I’m new to this whole blogosphere thing but I have really enjoyed reading all of the comments and am humbled that so many people are as enthusiastic and nuts about Southwest as we are. I wanted to address some of the recent comments about Southwest’s seating policy. There’s been quite a bit of buzz both in the media and on this blog about our current open seating... read more

Another Message From Colleen Peace Over North Texas


My goodness, I didn't expect to be returning to the blogosphere so soon, but I wanted to share my thoughts with you about a truly historic occasion. Although our blog isn't our primary political forum, if you will, I want to bend the rules this time. On June 15, the cities of Dallas and Fort Worth, DFW Airport, American Airlines, and Southwest Airlines, participated in a... read more