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Diverts and diversions….


Diverts and diversions....  Does it take a "pretty bad" problem to make a pilot turn the plane around and go back to the airport they departed from? How "bad" is it? An "air return" can result from a myriad of issues such as: -pressurization problems -funny smells -medical issues with passengers With the exception of medical emergencies, Pilots complete an "event" checklist,... read more

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Future SWA Pilot


Today on my flight, I had the pleasure of meeting passenger Andrew Schiff. Andrew had drawn a picture for the Pilots and attached the following note.  "Dear Southwest Pilots of WN518: Thank you for flying my brother and me to Florida to visit our relatives.  It's been a long time since I've been to Florida.  When I grow up, I want to be a Pilot for the Southwest 737.  I've... read more

Quietly Sharing With Others


A few weeks ago, I passed Linda (one of our Onboarding Department Employees) in the hall and said, "How was your weekend?"  With her always present smile, she said, "Great, my husband and I did one of our 'marriage weekends'."  I wasn't sure what she meant by "marriage weekend." For me that would mean that I did all my chores around the house and got... read more

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My weekly fix


A guy is flying on a Southwest Airlines flight. He's sitting in his seat, enjoying his drink when he hears, "You look great!" He looks around - there's nobody near him (it was a late night flight). He hears the voice again, "No really, you look terrific." The guy looks around again. Nobody. He hears, "Is that a new shirt or something? Because you are absolutely glowing!" He... read more

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We've all probably heard the old truism, "in the South, it doesn't matter if you're going to heaven or hell, you're going to change planes in Atlanta."  That's a perfect definition of a hub-and-spoke airline's route network.  When it comes to route networks, there are two kinds of airlines–Southwest…and everybody else.  All of our competitors... read more

More write your own caption


While looking through our photo archives, I found this picture of our Executive Chairman, Herb Kelleher, on the tail of one of our aircraft.  (Click on the picture to enlarge.)  Here's your chance to write your own caption for this photo of our beloved Leader of the Pack!

Interning at Southwest


 A day at SeaWorld to visit Shamu, scavenger hunts around the office, a 70's themed birthday party, celebrations every Friday, and endless amount of peanuts!  What more could a person ask of an internship?  How about challenging work, immediate acceptance into a work group, hands-on experience, and inspiration?  These are just a few of the things my fellow summer Interns... read more

Unforeseen weather delays–there may be some relief in sight!


There are two certainties about flight delays: They are unpredictable (both in reason and duration) and frustrating. Aside from a mechanical problem or operational anomaly at a particular airport (e.g., boarding or flight "turn time" delay, power outage, out of service runway, navigational equipment not working, etc.), Mother Nature is typically the culprit that... read more

So, when are you going to get a REAL job?


The above question that is sometimes asked of Flight Attendants by their parents, significant others, friends, and even someone at a party they have just met.  A possible reason for this may be because many decide to fly for a few years with the thought of seeing more of the world and then going on to more "serious" endeavors.  After all, how stimulating can handing out... read more

How do planes navigate in the sky?


How do planes navigate in the sky?  I have heard of the "highways in the sky." How do Pilots navigate? As I detail in my book This is Your Captain Speaking, in the old days we needed ground-based navaids (navigation aids) to show us how to get from A to B. Like the interstate system on the ground, a system of routes was devised in the sky. The lower routes were Victor routes... read more

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