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Fall From Above


Saturday was the first day of fall, and I had the privilage of seeing nature starting to show the changing of the season from a unique vantage point.  I made a flight from Baltimore-Washington Airport (BWI) to Manchester, NH (MHT).  Our routing took us north to New York City; Central Park is always a fun place in the fall.  We continued up the Hudson River with nice... read more

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Playlists anyone?


Running weather. Here in Phoenix, it usually corresponds with the time shortly after school starts. I've never been a runner, but I did run in the PF Changs Rock 'n Roll Arizona 1/2 Marathon a couple of years ago. It's 13.2 miles, and I don't have that long of an attention span, so my husband caved into the marketing pressure and bought me an iPod. Although I thought it was a... read more

Culture Committee Fun…Albuquerque E-Team Visit


One of the things that I'm honored to be a part of here at Southwest Airlines is the Culture Committee.  The Culture Committee was started back in 1991, by Colleen Barrett, our President.  She saw the need for us to keep that family feeling as the Company began to grow.  The Culture Committee has approximately 120 Active Members and numerous Alumni Members.  You are... read more

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So, you want to be a flight attendant!


Twenty three years ago I announced to my friends and family that I wanted to become a Flight Attendant for Southwest Airlines. This announcement was met with raised eyebrows, as I was considered by some as not being suited for this profession. "Why not?" you say. "You are not going to wear those shorts, are you?" my best friend asked. "What about your degree in speech... read more



  The spring and summer months brings out us R/C (radio control) pilots so that we can show off our latest projects that took most or all winter for many to build. I've been flying R/C airplanes for 14 years, and I have never built an airplane from a box of sticks (kit form). I have always flown ARF's (almost ready to fly), and most of these type airplanes are 80-90... read more

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Balloons, Balloons…


I had the pleasure of meeting Matthew on my flight from Chicago to Oakland today. Matthew is a balloon artist at the young age of 14. Matthew has had the honor of making his balloon art at a Notre Dame Football game, at Festivals, a Chicago Cubs game and even some balloon art for Chicago's Mayor Daley. Today on our flight, Matthew made a sword for a young man named Gavin; he... read more

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We have more Write Your Own Captions


After so many serious topics lately, we thought it might be time to dust off the ol' Write Your Own Caption feature.  This time, we have a Southwest Pilot conducting the preflight walk around inspection (click on pic to enlarge).  Okay, all you witty inhabitants of the blogosphere, it's your turn to come up with a caption.

Living Without Liquids – Post script


My recent post on the subject seems to have raised as many questions as I had tried to answer. In short, there is still a lot of confusion about what can, and cannot, be taken through the security checkpoint and, once through security, what items you might have purchased on the concourse can be taken on the airplane. Since these restrictions are subject to change by our... read more

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Maybe it’s all in the attitude?


Written by Southwest Customer Kim Seale   Two recent newspaper articles, combined with Southwest's newest ad campaign (to view "Coins" commercial, click here and open first ad), have caused me to reflect on the changing environment of air travel.  It seems to me that "the Southwest effect" is much more than just the downward influence on airfares when SWA begins... read more

Five Years Later


It dawned a beautiful late summer's day here in Dallas too, and the sky was so crisp and clear, it almost hurt.  Little did I know until later that morning just how much the sky could hurt. I was in my doctor's office for my annual checkup, when the X-ray technician told me that a plane had flown into the World Trade Center, but I assumed that it was a wayward light... read more