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Happy Holidays from the “Nuts About Southwest” Crew


With Christmas and New Year's Day just around the corner, we know that our readers are probably busy with other "stuff" instead of reading the blog.  (We hope that some of that "stuff" is visiting friends and family on one of our LUV Jets.) So, we will be going on a bit of a break in posting new material until "next year," but we will still be publishing your comments in the... read more

What Am I? A Reader’s Revenge


This comes to us from Customer Kim Seale. Regular readers will be familiar with Kim  because he is a regular contributor to Nuts About Southwest. I thought it was time to turn the tables on James Malone with his "somewhat" challenging guess the objects posts.  So on a recent trip, I snapped this photo.  Let's see if you and James can guess what it is. (Click on the pic to... read more

Flying Down to Rio (Grande Valley, that is)


While "Ol' Man Winter" has settled into much of the nation, the skies are still balmy across South Texas.  Frequent contributor, Kim Seale, sent us these photos from his recent business trips to Corpus Christi and Harlingen.  For those of you digging your cars out of snow this Holiday Season, we thought you might enjoy these tropical views.  The first photo is of the USS... read more

Hotel Stationery


I must say that I really enjoy writing.  Since I spend so much time on the road, I am constantly jotting notes to family and friends as well as searching for unusual and interesting news and business articles to forward to others.  I agree with our wonderful SWA President, Colleen Barrett, that I would much rather write an acquaintance than send an e-mail.  I keep a supply... read more

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Yes Virginia, Some People Have to Work on Christmas Day.


I am reminded of the day I had my one-on-one interview with Recruiter Trent Ready. When I sat down I said:  "Trent, I've been thinking of you every night after I go to bed." Looking perkier he said, "And what have you been thinking?" You're going to ask "Will I work Christmas?" I told him.  He responded:  "And your reply?" I answered:  "Of course I will work Christmas!!"... read more

Wanna Get Away?


One of the reasons I love watching the Super Bowl is to see the advertising.  The ads are usually pretty funny and show me a little bit about the personalities behind the companies.  The "Wanna Get Away" Southwest commercials, I think, have done a great job in capturing the fun side of our Company. I think we can all relate to the awkward and embarrassing moments, and these... read more



Jerome Schaum is a Baltimore/Washington-based First Officer How can Southwest Airlines turn an airplane in 25 minutes?  The answer is Teamwork.  Like a NASCAR pit crew, Ramp Agents, Fuelers, Provisioning Agents, Mechanics, and service personnel swarm the airplane as soon as it parks at the gate.  In the cabin, Flight Attendants clean each row of seats as soon as Customers... read more

Into The Clouds


As I liftoff from the runway in Orlando enroute to Phoenix, I start a turn as directed by Air Traffic Control (ATC). As the turn progresses, I see we will pass through a few clouds lingering south of the airport. I pause for a second and think how flying blind through cloud layers has become so much a routine part of aviation nowadays. We do it almost without thinking about... read more

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During your Holiday Season travels you may notice something a little different with two of our Boeing 737-700s. Southwest Airlines just recently purchased two 737s from the Ford Motor Company, and they spent some time in our Dallas Maintenance hangars getting retrofitted to match the rest of our fleet. However, these two birds are from a different flock. The interior of both... read more

This Message Brought to You by…


Looking for a unique - and free - way to tell that special someone "Happy Holidays?" Well, look no further because Southwest has the perfect solution. Nothing says "I care" more than a free, personalized Southwest Airlines e-card. You can thank us later. Actually, thank Jill...she was one of the brains behind the creative effort.

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