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A Lifetime Reader


There are a lot of cool perks that go along with my job.  I visit interesting cities, meet wonderful people, fly one of the world's most sophisticated aircraft, and have an incredible view of our beautiful country.  I also spend three to four nights a week in hotels getting to do whatever I want for 13-18 hours.  I rarely turn on the television  in my room, but I do... read more

Customer Service Champs


Check out this recent Business Week article about Southwest's Customer Service. It even includes a few quotes from our very own Fred Taylor.

Southwest Swag…


As I sit here recuperating from some surgery, I get to enjoy looking at my Southwest Airlines swag shelf.  This  bookshelf is in my living room, and it is filled with Southwest Airlines stuff!  The stuff includes things that I have received for my birthday, my Southwest Anniversary, Christmas, and even a couple of things that I've bought off eBay.  I have the... read more

Conan O’Brien


I'm actually more of a fan of David Letterman, so I missed this skit on Conan the other day. The airline industry is a small industry, and we all have friends and family at the various airlines. I think everyone was feeling for the employees and passengers of JetBlue this past week. Of course, I am in Marketing and did appreciate the promotion of our ontime efforts.... read more

Your Favorite Southwest Airport


This idea originated in a comment from Francis ("The USS Blog Boy") on David Evan's post, "Baggage Claim," so by popular demand, let's hear about your favorite airport served by Southwest.  We fly to 63, soon to be 64 (with the addition of San Francisco) airports, so tell us why your choice is your favorite.  Is it because of the facility, location, history, architecture,... read more

And the Winner Is…


I've always enjoyed watching the Academy Awards on TV, and have even been known to plan my schedule around them. The clothes! The tears! The speeches! The drama! Everyone has their favorites -- Hollywood legends and legends in the making gathered in one place for their annual celebration of excellence in film. The only thing that gets more buildup and hype and covers more time... read more

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Growing up in China, Texas, I was taught that you should not put your family's business "in the streets." The same should apply in the workplace, because you never know who could be listening. I had the misfortune--or maybe it was fortune--of hearing two employees of a rival airline speaking so negatively about their employer. What surprised me the most was the time and place... read more

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Military-Friendly Employer


G.I. Jobs magazine has just released its current top-50 list of military-friendly employers, and Southwest is the only airline to be on the list.  To view the list click here (you will need the ability to view PDF files), and to read the article, click here. (You may have to hit refresh to open the article.)  Needless to say, Southwest is a proud employer of our Veterans,... read more

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Baggage Claim


With 63 airports in the Southwest system, I have the opportunity to view some very diverse architecture and decorating ideas as I pass through the various terminals.  Some terminal and gate areas seem quite sterile and commercial, while others are very warm, airy, and inviting.  During my last trip, I had an overnight in Sacramento, CA (SMF), one of ten cities I flew into... read more



In celebrating Black History Month, there are a number of African Americans who are so deserving of praise for helping make this a great country to live in. My childhood days of learning Black history brings back memories of  people like Harriet Tubman and the Underground Railroad, George Washington Carver and his 300 uses for peanuts (the official snack of Southwest... read more

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