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Thinking Like An Owner


I get asked by Customers, friends, family members, and associates what I think makes the service we (SWA Employees) provide unique.  When I say we are typically more proactive in our efforts to serve, I'm usually encouraged to explain how that is the case.  Inevitably, the conversation will circle back to the way any Employees views his/her duties and responsibilities.  In... read more

A Decade of Friendship


Several weeks ago, I had the pleasure of attending the wedding of my dear friend Jennifer to Mike. At the reception, I was able to reconnect with friends I had not seen in years. As we started catching up, we realized that we share in a decade of friendship. We all started as freshman at Lipscomb University in the fall of 1997. Over the last ten years, we have experienced... read more

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Paco Does Dallas (for a day)


So, I'm heading out to Dallas for the Nuts About Southwest Birthday Party, and it is my first time to visit Headquarters.  Here is a running account of my trip.  I would have loved to post some pictures up, however, they aren't developed yet....maybe I'll get a Photobook or something going on as soon as I can.    04/26 1:00 a.m. (Pacific Time)--Leave my post at Phoenix... read more

Memorial Day


As you know, the Memorial Day Weekend traditionally marks the beginning of summer, and we have a lot of fun and relaxation on this weekend.  The SWA Blog Team hopes each of you has a great summer, and we will be taking Monday off--look for new posts on Tuesday.  (We will continue to moderate comments all weekend.)  However, during your upcoming celebrations, stop and think... read more

News About Pilot Retirement Age


The Fort Worth Star-Telegram has a brand-new business blog about aviation (Jim, here's another one to monitor), and you can click here for their post about some significant changes in the battle to raise the Pilot retirement age to 65.

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The First Aviation Mechanic


We all know how Wilbur and Orville Wright changed our lives with the first flight on December 17, 1903.  What some might not know is that, behind the scenes, was a man who pioneered Safety and Aviation Maintenance, Charles E. Taylor.  Mr. Taylor took the vision of flight and turned it into a reality of professionalism that soars beyond just transportation from point A to... read more

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You Were Broken–Say Again?


I love watching medical shows on TV. Love the drama, love the lingo. Medical shows are great for using language that the rest of us don't use in our everyday lives. "He's crashing! Get the blue team in here --STAT!" I wonder if doctors used the same terms away from work: "John--the Girl Scouts are here with the cookies! Bring my checkbook--STAT!" I had a friend years ago who... read more

Southwest Trivia


The Dallas Morning News recently started an aviation blog (welcome to the blogosphere), and I thought you might be interested in reading this recent post.  In addition to the 727s mentioned, we also flew a single 727 in 1978 that was leased from Braniff as part of a law suit settlement.  The lease period was to have been two years, but we returned the aircraft early.  The... read more

The Ambassadors of Culture!


Our Culture Services Team in the Executive Office is dedicated solely to ensuring that the Culture of Southwest Airlines is alive and well. In order to fulfill our mission, a few of our duties include: coordinating the yearly Messages to the Field; planning Spirit Parties; writing and responding to Employee commendations; organizing the Company's Annual Awards Banquet, and... read more

MX 101


I am not an airline mechanic. I can hardly change a flat tire on my car. So a few weeks ago when I was invited to help with our Maintenance Crawfish Boil, I was ecstatic. A good friend and Coworker of mine, Katie, came along too. While serving crawfish to our amazing Mechanics, I was also able to catch a glimpse inside one of our 737s during a maintenance check. WOW! The... read more