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Bringing in the Fourth


We asked our Blog Team for their July 4th plans, and we wanted to share them with you. Gordon Guillory:  This 4th of July my plans are to hang out on my patio with family and friends, cooking out and drinking cold adult beverages. David Evans: My sister's town has a beautiful fireworks display, so our entire family gathers at her home for fun and food; then we all go to... read more

Let Freedom DING!


If you fly Southwest Airlines over the 4th of July holiday, you'll notice that the LUV Airline will be celebrating Independence Day in a big way. Here are a few FUN things you can look for when you travel in July! If you fly Southwest on July 2, look for all kinds of fun, festive decorations inside our airplanes. You might also see some patriotic decorations at our airport... read more

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Today, Southwest released our November, 2007 Schedule, and folks that travel to or from New Orleans are going to be particularly happy–1,096 seats a day happy, in fact! Effective November 4th, we're reinstating our often-asked-about nonstop service between New Orleans and Birmingham, with three flights each business day. Besides the new Birmingham service, we're... read more

Still Another Write Your Own Caption


Here's a bit of fun for the weekend.  Try your hand at writing a caption for this photo taken in Las Vegas. (Click on pic to enlarge.) After all, you have a pyramid, a sphinx, and an obelisk to work with.  (Sounds like the start of a joke--a pyramid, a sphinx, and an obelisk walk into a bar...)

“But I checked them all together…”


That's a phrase I hear every day in the Baggage Service office. Oh, how I wish it was that simple! What you may not realize is that your bag gets handled by 15 to 20 different people between the time it's checked in and the time you get it back. Anywhere along the way your bags can get separated. In a perfect world, flights would always be on time, you would always get an 'A'... read more

Hope For Fearful Fliers


 "This Lady Has Some Loose Wires..." During my second year as a First Officer here at SWA, I was seated in the cockpit in Burbank as we loaded the last of the passengers. Among the very last passengers to board was a lady who stuck her head in the cockpit before taking her seat. Upon hearing her voice, I turned to meet an attractive middle-aged lady who expressed a fear of... read more

My Kind of Town, Chicago Is….


I've actually had a couple of days off and decided to spend the time here in Chicago.  So, I grabbed my camera and set out on a self-guided walking tour. A few weeks ago, the weather here was amazing with not a cloud in the sky!  One of the first things that I did, was visit the Sears Tower.  This is an amazing building.  Next, I was off to stroll down Michigan Avenue.  I... read more

Paris Air Show


This week, the Paris Air Show is underway, and it is an event of which I have longed to attend for many years.  While I can't be there reporting to you firsthand (darn!), here is a link to the Boeing Blog about the Air Show.

Behind the Scenes Blog Queen


  When I left Public Relations a year ago, the blog had launched just two months earlier and was still an infant. It was hard to leave my "baby" behind to take on a new job role in Marketing, but I left it in very capable hands. I know most of you know Brian, a.k.a. "Blog Boy," but I'd like to introduce you to the other person who works tirelessly, day in and day out, to make... read more

We are Honored to Share the Spirit…


On May 31, 2007, I became one of the 41 Southwest Airlines Employees to be recognized for the work we've done in the community as representatives for the Company. I was a Co-Recipient of the Share the Spirit Award for 2006 along with fellow Aircraft Mechanic Dale Dixon, for our work with the Tuskegee Airmen organization. Southwest Airlines has been supporting Tuskegee... read more

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