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Top 25 Most Influential Business Leaders


USA Today has published their list of the 25 most influential business Leaders of the past 25 years, and guess who came in a number five?  To find out, click here.  (Hint, he works for Southwest Airlines.)

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Late Night Summer Fun


Our day starts in Burbank (BUR), where we pick up our plane at noon and fly five legs to Phoenix (PHX) via Oakland (OAK), Seattle (SEA), Spokane (GEG), and Las Vegas (LAS). The monsoons have not yet officially kicked off yet in PHX, but the days preceding this one have shown towering thunderstorms lurking just beyond the mountains to the north and east of the city. We want to... read more

Oh, What a Night!


WOW!!  Another great Awards Banquet at Southwest Airlines.  I had the opportunity to attend the Annual Awards Banquet this year as it was also my ten-year anniversary with the GREATEST Company in the WORLD. Before the banquet started, we all had the opportunity to walk down memory lane and check out the many variations of the uniforms that our Customer contact Employees... read more

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Happy Birthday, Leah!


I think anyone who has read the comments in our blog will be familiar with Leah, one of our longtime blog readers.  Even though most of us haven't met her personally (except for External Blog Boy, Kim Seale), we consider her a friend (and, a fellow Nut About Southwest Airlines).  Well, today (July 26)  is Leah's birthday, so consider this your blog birthday card, Leah!... read more

Followup to “More Southwest Airlines Heroes”


If you read my original post about how our Phoenix Employees (and a great airport official) came to the rescue of Banner, the guide dog, you probably will be interested in this short video featuring Banner and his "two-legged" companion, Larry Colbert.  (Thanks to "The Bee" for sharing!)

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More Southwest Trivia


Every Monday, the aviation blog for The Dallas Morning News has a trivia post.  Since this week's post is about Southwest Airlines, I thought you might want to read it.  (Click here.)  How many of you got it right? And while we are on the subject of Herb, check out this column by Mitchel Schnurman of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram.

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Office Space


Since I moved offices, I have been focused on decorating my office in my spare time. Southwest allows Employees the Freedom to decorate our workspaces. This allows each Employee to display their individuality in the space where they work. Since I probably spend more time in my office than any other room during one day, I appreciate that I can choose my environment. So here are... read more

Snowball Express–Changing the Lives of Thousands


In 1997, a Southwest Airlines Flight Crew bound from Los Angeles to Phoenix was faced with a three-hour Air Traffic Control delay. In traditional Southwest Airlines style they entertained the passengers with "Positively Outrageous Service" (or, POS), which inspired one individual to approach Southwest Airlines to help provide the same type of experience for some... read more

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Moving My Cheese


Southwest Airlines Employees are very familiar with the term "moving cheese," and it relates to changes and adapting to those changes.  Well, by now you probably know that my life will be changing significantly over the next year or so as I give up my Membership on Southwest's Board of Directors and my Corporate Secretary role in May of 2008 and my title as President next... read more

Becoming a Southwest Airlines Captain


How does one make the transition from First Officer to Captain? is there a "Captain Exam" that must be passed? Is there any kind of formal ceremony? Except for the walk alone through the woods without food or water for six days and six nights and then the pealing of every church bell in the state for the entire seventh day as the new Captain emerges from the sojourn, annointed... read more