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Elves on Southwest Airlines?


To help kick off the Holiday Season, I have a Christmas story for you.  Well actually, I don't but the "Why Guy" for Channel 8 here in Dallas does.  Mike Castellucci, known to local viewers by his alter-ego--the inquisitive Why Guy with the deadpan look--recently tried to join in with the Southwest elves.  Here is his report.  (Sorry, the television station threw a short... read more

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All Things Are Possible


Southwest supports many special children's charities.  Challenge Air for Kids & Friends is one of those charities very close to our hearts.  Southwest Employees support Challenge Air in many ways, including volunteering for the Fly Day events. Participating in just one Fly Day is all it takes for these children capture your hearts, and from then on, it's LUV forever! The... read more

Big XII Championship


Almost everyone I know, knows that I'm a SOONER.  I was born and raised in Oklahoma, and I graduated from the University of Oklahoma.  Just curious...who do you think will win the Big XII Championship this Saturday?  Better yet, who's flying Southwest Airlines to the game in San Antonio?  BOOMER SOONER!

America and the Airlines


Okay, as you probably know, I am a total airplane (and railroad) geek and proud of it.  Well, I am excited because the National Air and Space Museum in Washington has just opened an airline exhibit.  This article from describes the new permanent addition, and you can also visit the museum's online exhibition about airline history--it has some great... read more

Happy Thanksgiving, Y’All


We have three special Thanksgiving posts for you below.  Francisco Delgado, who began blogging with us last year at this time, is back home safe and sound and very thankful.  His post reminds us that many of our loved ones will be away this Thanksgiving.  Bob Hurst shares his mom's poignant Thanksgiving memory from her childhood, and his mom's story serves as a... read more

Giving Thanks, Giving Back


It was Oct. 20, 2007, and the East Meets West Foundation of Oakland, California, hosted a special recognition ceremony for Southwest's  year-long support of the Operation Healthy Heart program.  Because many Vietnamese Americans still have loved ones in Vietnam, and because Southwest is proud to serve many Asian communities throughout the United States,  the LUV airline... read more

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USS Blog Boy’s Deployment Diary–The Final Chapter


During the past year, Southwest Airlines Customer Francisco Delgado has been sharing his experiences while serving on the USS Nimitz.  (To read the previous entries, click on Francisco's name above.)  He is home now, and this is the final chapter in his deployment diary. FAREWELL USS NIMITZ!!!! After a long six month deployment, all 6,000 of us returned to San Diego. We had... read more

Musings about BlogWorld and Airshows


I know the title may seem a little odd, but wait, I can tie it all together.  One of the great opportunities for me at BlogWorld was the chance to meet some of our readers face to face.  Among these was the man many of you know as CF, aka The Cranky Flyer.  His blog is linked from our LUVLinks section, but if you haven't visited it yet, click here, especially if you are a... read more

Veterans Day Posts


Yesterday, November 11, was officially Veterans Day, but many of you are celebrating the day today.  We have several moving posts below that recognize our Veterans, and we hope that you join in the spirit of this important celebration. We still want to hear your comments on Southwest Airlines' new boarding procedures, but we ask you to honor the nature of Veterans Day by... read more

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A Personal Look at Veteran’s Day


At a recent meeting of Southwest's Culture Committee, I watched a presentation on our "Share the Spirit" initiative. During  a month-long, Companywide drive, Southwest Airlines Employees donated toiletries, socks, sunscreen, candy, powdered drinks and other items, packaged into individual "LUV Rations" goodie bags with handwritten postcards, for more than 1,000 U.S. troops in... read more

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