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Happy New Year and an Interview with Herb


The Southwest Airlines Blog Team sends their wishes for a Happy New Year to all our readers.  Without your comments (we appreciate the "bad" along with the "good), our blog would have been a boring place to be.  We send special New Year's wishes to the great folks at RD2 Inc. who are the technical brains and design geniuses behind the blog for their great Holiday... read more

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Did ‘w00t’ Sum Up Your 2007?


I love learning new words and any "fun" twists that make conversation interesting. According to the Merriam-Webster online poll, the winner of 20 terms that best summed up 2007 was "W00t". Now apart from being the name of my favorite web site, besides :), it is defined as " a hybrid of letters and numbers used by gamers as an exclamation of happiness or... read more

Creating Memories, Traditions, and GIRL POWER! Priceless . . .


In an earlier blog entry, I shared my thoughts about visiting my extended Vietnamese family in the humid Mekong Delta with my husband, sisters-in-law, and Southwest Coworkers. A month later, I had another amazing family reunion; however, this time, it was in chilly Chicago with an exclusive group: The Delevett Granddaughters. I was included because I married into the family... read more

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Merry Birthday?


The Holiday Season has always been a special time of year for me; it's the time of year when I celebrate Christmas and my birthday.I was born the day after Christmas, and every time I'm with my parents during this time, my father brings up the subject of my birthday.  You see, he claims that I was born on Christmas Day; he says he remembers seeing and holding me on Christmas... read more

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A Christmas Gift From Southwest Airlines


In case you haven't heard about this, check out the gift we gave to 171 soldiers and their families. From the Nuts About Southwest Blog Team, we wish all of you a very Merry Christmas, and we will be back on Wednesday with a new post.

Southwest Airlines Holiday Traditions…


Each year as the Holidays near, our HDQ in Dallas, TX is magically transformed into a winter wonderland.  A Team of Elves almost magically overnight transforms the hallways and nooks and crannies of our HDQ building into something magical.  This is something that I've come to look forward to year after year. Another tradition that we have here at Southwest is a Holiday Tree... read more

Marry Me, FLY FREE! And He Did.


MARRY ME, FLY FREE! And he did. On October 25, 2007, my hubby Peter and I celebrated our tenth wedding anniversary in Cambodia. It was a special day because we renewed our vows with my sister-in-law Aimee, an ordained Episcopal priest, who officiated the surprise ceremony. The ceremony set the mood for visiting the sacred and majestic Angkor Wat and the surrounding temples.... read more

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Top 10 Things About The Holiday Season


Here are the top 10 things I enjoy most about the Holiday Season.... 10. No traffic on my way to work. - OK, a little cheesy, but I can't get to work any faster than the time right before the Holidays. 9. White Christmases - Yes, I know I live in Phoenix, but the snow still gets me on Christmas. 8. How The Grinch Stole Christmas - Best holiday movie ever. "Given the choice... read more

Holiday Travel Tips.


You've heard some Holiday travel tips from Carole Adams, and I want to give you a few more from the perspective of an Employee at the airport.  First, remember, your 3-1-1 (no container with more than three ounces of liquids or gels carried in one clear quart-size ziplock bag for one Customer). Second, DO NOT wrap gifts. (The Transporation Security Administration had a... read more

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DOROTHY OWEN–1928-2007


I lost my 79-year-old mom on Tuesday, December 11, after a short but severe illness. Because I've shared so many other aspects of my life with my friends in the Blogosphere, I wanted to share this very sad part of my life with you too, give you a few little details about my sweet Mom, and then let you know (again) how wonderful Southwest Airlines is. My Mom, Dorothy, was born... read more