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Getting Out the Vote


No one argues that Southwest's Employees are its greatest asset. Southwest Airlines Employees are historically known for being active advocates of their Company. After years of hard work and long hours, the effectiveness of their advocacy was proved in 2006 when the antiquated Wright Amendment was repealed!  With a new year, new challenges face the airline industry and... read more

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New Baggage Policy


This week, Southwest Airlines implemented a new baggage policy. I just wanted to make sure all the Passengers of Southwest Airlines knew about this one. The free baggage allowance for each ticketed Customer will change from three to two bags. The first and second bag you check (up to 50lbs) are FREE. The third bag (also up to 50 lbs) will be $25.00. Oversized and overweight... read more

Being Proactive – The Next Generation of Customer Service, Part Two


 (In the first installment, I outlined the need for Proactive Customer Service.  Now, we will drill down a bit deeper to review the basics of how our Team works.) Proactive Customer Service Basics  On a daily basis, the Proactive Team must: Stay Informed There's no excuse for not being prepared.  Understand how our business process works.  I'm not talking about breaking... read more

Kids say the darndest things!


 Art Linkletter made this title well known a long time ago.  Kids continue to delight us with their innocence and candor.  You are familiar with a tug pushing the aircraft away from the jetbridge before the airplane begins taxiing under it's own power to the active runway.   I was prepared to begin the Emergency PA when a child exclaimed, "Are we going to fly... read more

Marco’s Nimitz Diaries


Our longtime readers know that we followed Southwest Customer Francisco Delgado on his deployment last year to the Persian Gulf.  To show our support for the men and women of the USS Nimitz, we want to continue the diaries with one of Francisco's former shipmates, Marco Melloni.  Marco is part of the Southwest Airlines Family because his father, Bruno,  works in our... read more

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Lego My Airplane


While I was surfing the net I came across something from my past, a toy... a very sophisticated toy called the Lego Mindstorms NXT. This toy was not something I had as a kid, what I meant by "in my past" is that, back in August 2006, I was visiting my dear friend. Our very own "Blog Queen" Paula Berg in our Public Relations Department asked if I thought our Mechanics would... read more

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Every One Matters


It's time again for Southwest Airlines annual Employee Message to the Field events, and this year's Message is sure to be another informative and exciting event! The Message tour will kick off this year in Chicago, and our CEO, Gary Kelly, and President, Colleen Barrett, will visit a total of five Southwest cities before the grand finale in Dallas. Southwest Airlines Message... read more

Being Proactive – The Next Generation of Customer Service – Part One


In an everchanging world where public opinion is driven in part by consumer-generated media, the Customers' trust in Southwest Airlines is contingent upon our ability to deliver effective communications about a situation before, during, and after an issue goes public.  Customers commit themselves to our Company when they sense that we truly care about their individual needs,... read more

Politics and LUV


PR/Marketing guru KD Paine recently overheard some interesting conversation while attending a board meeting that included some politicians.  To see what they said, hop over to her blog.

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