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E-mail Voodoo


 I received one of those e-mails today that plainly states some have met an untimely death if they ignored this e-mail.   Should I hex a friend?    I was not going to perpetuate this but I did send the following "reply all". I want to tell all of my friends receiving this e-mail that I love them! Apparently I may die today as I am not going to worry others with a dire... read more



It's hard to believe that it has already been three years since we began delivering our hottest deals directly to our Customer's desktops through DING! While it may be DING!'s anniversary, our Customers will be the ones receiving the gifts (no hard feelings, DING!). We're kicking off the celebration by offering three days of great DING! fares, plus the chance to win some... read more

Fare News


Okay, I know we normally don't mention fares here at Nuts About Southwest, but these fares are pretty nutty--even for Southwest Airlines.  Check it out here.

Customer Appreciation Day – Ft. Lauderdale Style


  If you happened to be flying out of Ft. Lauderdale/Hollywood (FLL) on a recent Sunday, you might have experienced some Southwest FUN while waiting on your flight. Team FLL spread a little SOUTHWEST SPIRIT as they played games, asked trivia questions, and gave away some great prizes. Provisioning carts were transformed into LUV carts that circulated the gate areas serving... read more

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One of Southwest’s Many Faces


The New York Times recently ran an article about one of our Customers whose face you may have seen.  Terry Buchen is one of those lucky folks whose vocation and avocation are one in the same.  Read about his Southwest Airlines connection here.

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Hotel California…and Nevada and Alabama and…


I ran across an interesting statistic the other day that I want to share with you. I have mentioned in past posts that I have spent as many as 211 nights in hotel rooms in a single year. Since I am now based in the city where I live, I average about 13 nights a month in someone else's bed (probably should have rephrased that). Anyway, in a recent month, Southwest Airlines... read more



Ever since I was a kid, I have been addicted game shows. Growing up, on the days I wasn't in school, I watched them incessantly. Some were totally silly, but fun–remember "Match Game" with Gene Rayburn? It was absolute sex-laced trash, but it made a 14-year-old feel sooooo "hip" to laugh at the double entendres thrown out by Charles Nelson Reilley and... read more

The Proof is in the Pudding


For all the "numbers" junkies out there, this little snapshot shows how our Customers responding to our recent enhancements and announcements. The proof is in the pudding with these Southwest records: As some of you may recall, On Nov. 8, 2007 we launched several new products including our new fare structure, a new way to board our aircraft, and the extreme gate makeover. ·... read more

Being Proactive – The Next Generation of Customer Service, Part Five


 (In the first installment, I outlined the need for Proactive Customer Service; in the second, we drilled down a bit deeper into how that is accomplished; in the third, we looked at the key elements to effective communication; and in the fourth posting of this series, I demonstrated how my Team "walks the talk.'  In this last posting about "Being Proactive," I'll share with... read more

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NBA Road Tour


Okay, I admit that I am a dweeb when it comes to sports venues.  My wife and I spent an hour on a recent trip to San Francisco walking around the site in Golden Gate Park where the former Kezar Stadium stood.  I will always regret that I never got to see Ebbets Field or the Boston Garden.  That's why I admire what Drew Cieszynski is doing.  Two years ago, he visited every... read more

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