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Blog Boy, David Letterman, and the Big Apple


  In the interest of total disclosure, I have been a David Letterman fan since the early 1980s when his show used to be on NBC after Carson.  At the time, I worked the late shift, and on the West Coast, his show came on at 12:30 a.m.  Dave and his off-the-wall humor were a great way to unwind from a “hard night’s day.” My loyalty remained when he moved to CBS in... read more

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Volunteers of LUV


A recent Monday was the kind of day that reminds you of the good in the world and the kind of people that Southwest Airlines hires.  We held our second annual “Volunteers of LUV” ceremony where we honored 23 of our fellow Employees for the amazing work that they do in their communities by adding their names to our wall honoring volunteers.  These people personify the... read more

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2008 Shareholder’s Meeting


This podcast was recorded at the annual Shareholders’ Meeting on May 21, 2009. If you are a serious investor and want to hear the whole hour and thirty-six minutes go to > About SWA > Investor Relations > Events Calendar, which will be archived for 90 days. Or, you can listen to the twenty-four minutes of excerpts on this edition of Red Belly Radio.... read more

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Road Warrior


Written somewhere over Utah...I think.  I must admit I am amazed at what a person can do in a day...For example, today I already ate breakfast in Dallas at the fabulous Love Field standard sausage McMuffin and coffee, I borrowed a pen from one of our friendly Customer Service Agents in Albuquerque (because my SWA Cargo logo pen exploded on me and my new... read more

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Flying With New Wings


I had one of those experiences the weekend before last.  An experience that you couldn’t plan if you tried, but one that means so much that it is hard to put in to words. It wasn’t the happiest of circumstances, as this particular experience took place at a memorial service for a Coworker.  But keep reading and you will hopefully gain a little insight in to why folks... read more

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Memorial Day 2008


Like many of you, the Nuts About Southwest Team has the day off today, and we do enjoy the break from the daily routine.  However, Memorial Day is much more than the unofficial first day of summer, it is a time to remember the ultimate sacrifice of those in uniform.  Please take time today to remember and celebrate those who made our many freedoms possible.

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I Second that Emotion


I second that emotion! I've liked the stock exchange for a long time. I can remember when I was a little girl--in the days before the Internet--my dad would turn on CNN, tell me three letters to look for, and then I was to shout out the numbers that followed. He had me checking stock prices as they'd rise and fall throughout the day. And of course, I love--or rather,... read more

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DING! Winners


Recently, we held a contest where we encouraged our Customers to submit a DING! headline. We received around 30,000 entries, and many inquiring minds have been waiting for the winners to be announced.... ....drum roll please! GRAND Prize Winners: Joyce C. - Freedom is calling from the skies above! Choose one of our great deals and fall madly in LUV! Patrick C. – Mondays... read more

Chili, Chile, Chilly


 This podcast has everything! It is historic, folkloric, and botanic; has elements of sporting, eating and cooking; and don’t forget the elements of mystery, endurance, feats of strength, and espionage. Well, okay, maybe not feats of strength. I am of course talking about the 35th and last Southwest Airlines chili cook-off. This is a wonderful event and is typically my... read more

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A Salute to Herb


Today marks a milestone in Southwest Airlines' history, and it's hard to know whether to celebrate or cry.  Our Executive Chariman and Cofounder, Herb Kelleher steps down as Chairman and gives up his Board position.  I don't need to go into pages of history to outline Herb's importance to the operation of our Company, and some of the links below will cover that.  However,... read more

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