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The Newest SWA Star


Have you seen the newest SWA Celebrity?  One of our Culture Ambassadors, Valerie LaGrone, had the great honor of being selected as the cover model for our May 11, 2008 Southwest Airlines Flight Schedule, now appearing in an airport near you!  It’s a bit of a tradition to have the Flight Schedule cover model “autograph” your copy, so we set up a special book signing... read more

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I remember the day I first learned The Columbus, Ohio was a great place!  It was my first day of a college internship when my supervisor yelled “O…H…!” on our way to drop off a package at FedEx.  I, of course, asked if the box was too heavy and if he needed me to help carry it.  He looked at me and with as much passion as any loyal Buckeye fan (I now know this) and... read more

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Winter Is Now For Sale!


Winter is here!   Well, not really—it is 100 degrees in Dallas as we speak—but winter is now available to book at, at 1-800-IFLYSWA, and via SABRE and Galileo.  Winter—including Thanksgiving, Christmas/Hannukah, and New Years, is now bookable with America’s Largest Airline—and the only airline where “Fees Don’t Fly!”  As usual, we’ve... read more

Boeing Burgers and Beer Birthday Bash


For years now, Boeing has thrown us a birthday party. It has been dubbed “BBBBB” for Boeing Burgers and Beer Birthday Bash. As you might expect, there are Burgers, Beer, it is in a hangar so there are Boeings nearby, and it is around Southwest Airlines’ Birthday. There is a Band, but frankly I was hoping for Bingo, Brownies, Baklava, Bacon, Burritos, Brisket, Bourbon,... read more

Water Balloons Are Good, Right?


I grew up in a small town ... REALLY SMALL. There were about 1,600 people. The good thing about small towns is that everyone knows you. That can also be the bad thing! As a small boy, I remember when we still had phones without dials (much less buttons). You simply picked up the receiver and waited for the operator to say, "Number please." But for a long time, the... read more

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Maestro! Queue me up some "West Side Story" please, in the key of F: Could it be, yes it could. Something's coming, something good! If I can wait......... Something's coming, I don't know what it is, But it is, gonna be great! Flight schedules for the time period extending from October 31, 2008 all the way to January 9, 2009, have been sent--and will be open... read more

RNP = Reduced Emissions


Want to go Green? No, I’m not talking about leprechauns and four-leaf clovers. This is about being environmentally friendly. Today Southwest Airlines announced plans to tackle emissions reductions by employing a gee-whiz navigation technology called RNP (Required Navigation Performance). RNP, which leverages the accuracy of GPS to create accurate and efficient flight... read more

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Elvis, Nixon, and Wendell–Podcast


How are Elvis Presley, Richard M. Nixon, and local artist Wendell Rankin connected? TCB. TCB, which stands for Takin’ Care of Business, was a widely used term in the 1960s and ‘70s by African Americans. Most Americans probably first heard the letters in Aretha Franklin’s version of her huge hit Respect. At one point she ad-libs “R-E-S-P-E-C-T, Take care…TCB”... read more

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Mile-High Entertainment


Have you ever attended a concert at 30,000 feet?  Don’t feel bad, most people haven’t.  But that is exactly what Southwest Airlines Customers experienced on a recent flight from Denver to Chicago Midway to Nashville and finally to New Orleans.  For the past two and a half years, Southwest Airlines has been the official airline sponsor of Red Rocks Park and... read more

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Write Your Own Caption Is Back–Kind of


One of our favorite posts in the past has been our Write Your Own Caption series.  With this post, we want to do something similar but a bit different.  This wonderfully evocative photo was graciously sent to us by Alicia Shaffer.    The photo of her son, Campbell, was taken by his father, Demetrious.  Given the subject, please share with us your favorite travel story... read more