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Labor Relations at Southwest Airlines


I became an Employee of SWA in December 2005.  However, as an attorney in private practice, I represented SWA in labor and employment matters for over 34 years before becoming an Employee.  Often, when people would learn that I represented Southwest Airlines, they would ask, “How does Southwest manage to remain non-Union?”  I would chuckle and explain that, in fact,... read more

Express Bag Drop


Houston Hobby (HOU) is one of the next test cities for a new feature called Express Bag Drop.  Express Bag Drop allows Passengers who have already printed their boarding pass online to scan their boarding pass into a kiosk scanner.  The kiosk will then ask the Passenger how many bags they are checking.  After that, all the Passenger has to do is put their bag(s) on the... read more

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Fly Me To The Moon


In case you were wondering, the earth’s circumference is 24,900 miles around and the moon 238,857 miles away. What does this have to do with a podcast about Southwest Airlines? Well this podcast is about travel. Whaaa? A podcast from Southwest Airlines about travel? Yes. Go back and check the archives, I feel this is the first. (I suppose someone might argue there is one... read more

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Whoops….January’s here…and I Forgot to Blog!!!


Forgive me, Blogosphere, for I have sinned.     I’ve been so wrapped up in a few other issues this past week that I completely neglected—well, actually, forgot—to prepare a blog post about our January, 2009 schedule, which went out for sale last Thursday.  There are a lot of changes incorporated into that schedule, both frequency changes as well as changes to... read more

Happy Birthday, SFO!


Happy Birthday SFO!  It’s been exactly one year since we returned service into San Francisco. As we reflect on this past year, we can’t even begin to describe the heartfelt welcome we’ve received from our Customers thus far.  San Francisco is perhaps one of the most rewarding markets we serve simply because of its people.  Not many cities can boast a population that... read more

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Aw, Nuts!


As a member of the PR Team, I do have the chance to work with several different groups in the Company.  One of those groups just happens to be Provisioning!  Now, what is exciting about that you ask, well…I get the chance to taste energy drinks (we went with Monster), look at all different kinds of coffee cups, taste snacks that might go into our snack trays, and discuss... read more

“Flying On The Side”


Brian asked me recently if I had been doing much flying outside of Southwest.   As I have mentioned in the past, my daughter is a flight instructor in Phoenix and flies regularly. I flew with her when she was earning her ratings, but now that she is a bona fide instructor, there is no reason to haul a non-paying passenger like me along. She has student loans to pay!... read more

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Coming Soon to a City Near You


Back in the early days of computing, you had to type a long string of DOS commands in order to get anything done. Anyone remember ‘c:\WINDOWS\system32\calc.exe’ ?  Then along came Windows and icons with point and click. Those command lines are still there, but now clicking an icon sends those commands for you. Don’t believe me? Try ‘START’, ‘RUN’, and type the... read more

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Backpack Brigade: Operation Homefront


This episode of Red Belly Radio was recorded in Dallas and in Denver and it is about a triple header of events. Denver launched some new non-stop service; we opened up a new Provisioning base in Denver; and we handed off a bunch of backpacks and school supplies to some great kids who have a parent service in Iraq or Afghanistan. I interview Angela from Operation Homefront... read more

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Help Me Decide


I can’t believe it.  Summer is almost over, and Halloween is just around the corner.  This will be my fifth Halloween as Southwest’s CEO, and little did I know what kind of impact my costumes would have.  In 2004, I portrayed mega-rock star, Gene Simmons of KISS, and the year after that, I rode the range as Wild Bill Hickok.  In 2006, I took on a nautical air as... read more