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A Sharp Dressed Man


Just in from SWA Universe Headquarters.  Our sharp dressed CEO, Gary Kelly, is spotted wandering the halls with guitar in hand.  This year's pop culture sensation is Gary as Billy Gibbons of the legendary Texas band, ZZ Top.  On the left is his Executive Assistant, Gillian Kelley (no relation), and on the right is his Chief of Staff, Nan Barry.    

Who Will Gary Be?


You can almost slice and eat the excitement here at SWA Universe Headquarters as everyone is wondering, "Who will Gary be this year?"  Shortly, I will be going undercover to make a recon run down the hall to the Executive Office to see if I can scoop all those celebrity blogger judges who Paula has been wining and dining.  Better yet, I hope to have you a pic... read more

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Celebrity Judges head to Dallas for Southwest’s Annual Halloween Contest


To say Halloween is a pretty big deal here at Southwest Airlines doesn’t really paint an accurate picture.  It goes way beyond mere costumes and decorations.  For one day out of the year, our headquarters essentially becomes an amusement park, filled with haunted houses, rides, and Broadway-style shows. Departments plan for months and compete for the honors of best... read more

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The Stars at Night are Big and Bright


  What do you get when you mix 6,000 Southwest Airlines Employees and guests, food and drink, a famous Texas Swing band, a crisp, clear autumn night, and two legends of the airline industry?  You get the Smokin’ Spirit Party held at our Dallas Maintenance Base Monday night (October 27).  Be sure and listen to Steve Heaser’s Red Belly Radio podcast from the event,... read more

Powered by Pixie Dust


Greetings from Tinker Bell One! Today, Southwest Airlines is celebrating the release of the new Tinker Bell DVD and Blu-Ray with a special Tinker Bell plane tour. This Southwest Airlines flight is “powered by pixie dust!”     Southwest and Disney representatives are onboard asking trivia questions and giving away prizes.   After watching the new Tinker Bell movie,... read more

Confessions of an Intern


Before I began my Internship at Southwest Airlines, I had a preconceived notion that I would be fine-tuning my filing skills, perfecting my ability to make a good cup of coffee and mastering the art of ordering lunch by phone. Boy, was I wrong. Since the first day I stepped foot into the Public Relations Department, I’ve been involved arms and elbows in major projects... read more

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Night at the Museum–SWA Style


Nicole originally submitted this as a comment on another post, but I thought it was so funny and reminded me of the movie, A Night at the Museum.  So, I asked her if we could do this as a post of its own--enjoy!  (Brian)   There's a funny story about how this started.  One of my Coworkers found a little action figure in the hallway that leads to the side parking... read more

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But It’s Only 8,300 lbs. Each!


This episode of Red Belly Radio was recorded at the Dallas Maintenance Center at our 6th annual, 2008 Southwest Airlines Pigskin Plane Pull. Footballs have not been made of pigskin; nor have planes been moved around by hand for years, but that is exactly went on—pulling one of our Boeing 737s with human power! It is all part of the event known as the Red River Rivalry or... read more

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Fast approach in gusty weather…


Fast approach in gusty weather...  From a frequent flier: While landing in gusty winds it looked like we were going way faster than normal. We floated way down the runway and then pounded on the runway after which the pilots slammed on the brakes! Why would this happen? Without any winds, the aircraft flies at basically 1.3 times the stall speed. (Stall speed is the speed... read more

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“All Together Now”


Whether on vinyl or CD, all of you Beatles fans out there have heard this FUN song every time you listen to your Yellow Submarine soundtrack.  Well, get ready for a brand-new Beatles-related release tomorrow (October 21)!  All Together Now is the title of a DVD chronicling the inspiration for and creation of LOVE by Cirque du Soleil, a show which has amazed audiences at... read more

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