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Flashback Fridays–A Look Back at Dallas Love Field


From the day the current Dallas Love Field terminal opened on January 20, 1958, the facility has been under constant modification.  Upper levels to concourses were added, the terminal expanded then contracted, operations shifted, and now the next renovation is underway which will consolidate all the gates into a new, state of the art concourse, along with new lobby areas. ... read more

Share the Spirit Medical Transportation Grants


Today we announced the recipients of the 2010 Medical Transportation Grant Program (MTGP). MTGP provides complimentary, roundtrip tickets to hospitals and medical transportation nonprofit organizations in several cities Southwest serves. The tickets are distributed by the organizations to patients who must travel for medical care. Medical bills and travel expenses often mount... read more

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It Is Official–Wi-Fi Is On The Way!


Hello everyone!  You probably saw the title of this blog post and thought, “haven't I heard that before?”  True, the road to onboard wi-fi has been a long one, but this week we took a major step that gets us closer to rolling out the system fleetwide.  We ended the equipment "testing" phase and signed an equipment purchase contract with our wi-fi provider,... read more

Happy PJ Day Southwest Airlines!


We are honored to have this guest post from Denver Mayor John Hickenlooper.  Who would have thought that by wearing your pajamas you could help the homeless?  In Denver, when you have great community partners in the hospitality industry such as Southwest Airlines, anything is possible!  And in Denver, we know with more than 4,000 homeless men, women and children, not... read more

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Shuttle Craft


Perhaps you have heard that Southwest Airlines sometimes offers special flight segments between certain cities for really big events? It’s true! In this case, we are offering extra flights from New Orleans and Indianapolis to Fort Lauderdale for some big event that is going on in Florida in early February. This episode of Red Belly Radio is about how we are able to schedule... read more

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The Southwest Vows in the Valley Contest


LUV is in the air.  Not only is Valentine’s Day right around the corner, but we have something very special planned in Harlingen, Texas--the first city we flew to after our original three (Dallas, Houston, and San Antonio).  To celebrate our 35 years of service in Harlingen, we’re awarding two lucky LUV-birds an opportunity to exchange vows in the Valley and fly away... read more

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There’s an App for that!


Be sure and listen to last week's Red Belly Radio podcast interview of Kendall. You know the people I’m talking about: the ones that can’t seem to put their smartphones away.  Ever.  In fact, it physically hurts them to put their phone away during a flight, and when their plane lands and they hear that DING!, they have to turn their phone on immediately.  They have to... read more

Greetings from Sundance


Hello from Park City, Utah! Southwest is the official airline of the 2010 Sundance Film Festival. The city is buzzing with people from all over the world who share a passion for independent films. We're hoping filmmakers and film lovers will experience Southwest in a whole new way while they are here! As filmmakers checkin for the festival, they will receive all their... read more

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Flashback Fridays–A Final Flight


Unlike the past few “Flashback Fridays” post, this one is a bit more current—like today or maybe next week.  However, it still has historical value.  Today we say goodbye to a trusted member of our fleet as N680AA heads off on its final flight.  The timing of that is a bit uncertain because of the bad weather out west which has disrupted our Crews and our regular... read more



(in the Key of F flat to the tune of "Rawhide" please:) Growin', growin', growin', Southwest keeps on growin', Gary is a-crowin', DENVERRRRRRRR..... Yep, buckaroos, Southwest is adding flights again to Denver!  Effective June 13th, we're using two aircraft to add a second nonstop between Denver and Ft. Lauderdale, a second Denver-Ontario, and a second... read more

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