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I’ve Looked at Fireworks from Both Sides Now


Do you know that song that everybody erroneously thinks the name is “I’ve Looked at Clouds” and that Judy Collins wrote? I’ve been humming that song today (which is really named Both Sides Now and was written by Joni Mitchell) as I recorded this episode of Red Belly Radio. Why you may ask? Well, on this episode of Red Belly Radio, I recap my favorite thing to do on... read more

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Big Changes at the San Jose Airport


Over the last few years, we have undergone some big changes here in San Jose (SJC).  Those changes are starting to take effect.  Our new terminal has many great new features--open space, new shops, new restaurants, and tons of places to get coffee, which is great for the morning traveler who needs caffeine.   By the end of the week the new Southwest Airlines ticket... read more

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Southwest Airlines and the All-America City Awards


Mike McGrath, the editor of the National Civic Review recently attended the All-America City Awards, which was sponsored by Southwest Airlines. Recently, I gathered with 800 civic activists and community problem solvers in Kansas City, Missouri at the All-America City Awards presented by the National Civic League (NCL). This nonprofit group promotes civic engagement and... read more

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Celebrating One Year at LGA and the Porch at Bryant Park


One year ago, we entered the Big Apple and we’ve been thriving ever since! Today, we kick off our celebratory events at LaGuardia airport and at the Southwest Porch at Bryant Park. Today, we will be promoting our Business Select Fare at the Porch at Bryant Park by offering branded souvenir cups to Porch patrons. During lunch and happy hour, Customers can check the bottom... read more

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Flashback Fridays–New York LaGuardia Before Southwest Airlines


I’ve done several Flashback Friday posts looking at what some of our airports were like “before Southwest Airlines,” and I hope they give a sense of what the airport was like before our arrival.  One of our newest airports is New York LaGuardia (LGA), but it has a history as unique as the city it serves.  Perhaps out of all the airports in the country that are named... read more

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Colleen Didn’t Start Out As President Emeritus


This episode of Red Belly Radio is about the lady we simply call "Colleen." If you don’t know Colleen Barrett, you are really missing something special. She is our President Emeritus and when she was the President of Southwest, she was the highest ranked woman in the American airline industry. She helped start this company as she was Herb’s legal assistant, but... read more

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Going Green: It Saves You Green


I don't know about where you live, but here in Dallas, it already feels like summer.  Below are a few great tips and small changes that will help you go green (reduce electricity usage) and save green (money) during the hot summer months: • Keep blinds and curtains closed during the hottest parts of the day.  It will help keep your house cooler. • Turn off your A/C... read more

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Southwest: The LUV Airline


As you know, June is anniversary month for Southwest, but there’s also an anniversary in June for my wife and me—we met 29 years ago on June 10, 1981, all because of Southwest Airlines.   Back up to June 1979, when Sandy Mann was hired by Southwest Airlines as a Reservations Sales Agent in their Dallas Reservations Center.  She’d worked there for all of about 20... read more

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Southwest Airlines 72-Hour Sale


If you read the blog lately, you realize we turned 39 on Friday! But the party doesn’t stop at Southwest Airlines—we’re spreading the cheer to you! Today, we announced fares as low as $39 one-way to celebrate 39 years of service. For 72-hours only, you can purchase one-way tickets for $39, $79, or $119, based on length of travel (additional taxes, fees, and exclusions... read more

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P.A.W.S. Adopt a Pet Opportunity


“IT’S ON” for our furry friends at Southwest! Last week, we not only celebrated Southwest’s birthday, but also the one-year anniversary of our P.A.W.S (Pets Are Welcome on Southwest) program. Southwest accepts small, well behaved cats and dogs for a small charge of $75 each way.  They must be in an approved carrier and fit comfortably under the seat.  This ensures... read more

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