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A Mechanical Symphony


Have you ever considered how an airline is orchestrated in order to get everything just right?   It doesn’t take much to get an orchestra out of tune or throw it off, and airlines are much the same way. The Customer Service folks and Flight Attendants are front and center, much like the violin section – they are the most visible and noticeable to everyone. ... read more

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Salty, Sweet, and Fun to Eat…Honey Roasted Peanuts Are Back!


Tasty honey roasted peanuts are back and ready for takeoff! We like to shake it up at Southwest and switch between lightly salted and honey roasted peanuts.  The new year is all about tradition and the Spirit of Southwest as we celebrate our 40th anniversary, so what better way to celebrate than with the famous honey roasted nuts we all LUV?Honey roasted peanuts are the... read more

All-New Rapid Rewards Information Centers


I’m sure you’ve heard the exciting news that we’re launching the All-New Rapid Rewards on March 1st! As is the case with any change, it’s a safe bet that Members and Customers will have questions about what’s new & what’s changed. To help address this, we’ve installed large-scale informational displays in several airports. Each of the Rapid Rewards... read more

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Herb Makes it Big, Again!


To be inducted into the Advertising Hall of Fame is to become part of an anthology of the most brilliant and respected minds the advertising industry has ever known.  It includes among its prestigious members famously recognizable names such as Ray A. Kroc, Stanley Marcus, David Ogilvy, Benjamin Franklin … and now, our very own Herb Kelleher. In other words, it’s a... read more

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Download Some Southwest Spirit


With the launch of our newly redesigned Nuts About Southwest blog comes some great new features including enhanced functionality, social connectivity, and excited new Bloggers. Those that are truly NUTS about anything and everything Southwest will love the new Downloads  feature that lets you show off your SOUTHWEST SPIRIT and keeps you connected to our best deals and... read more

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Southwest Airlines to the Extreme!


Southwest Airlines is proud to be a part of one of the most heart-warming, positive shows on television, ABC’s Extreme Makeover: Home Edition. In our seven years as a partner, we’ve done everything from shipping the Designers’ hard-to-find items through our Cargo department, helping design an authentic “airplane room” for a boy who loved aviation, sending a bunch of... read more

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Ready, Set, Blog 3.0!


We spent Friday reminiscing about our award-winning blog history of five years. From its infancy, Nuts About Southwest has always been a learning process and still remains one. At its core, Nuts is about letting Customers not only see behind the curtain, but tear the curtain down altogether. So it is with great pleasure I formally present our latest edition of Nuts About... read more

Southwest Airlines Offers Extra Flights for the Big Game


WOO-HOO! Now we all know which two teams are playing in The Big Game XLV—it’s Green Bay vs. Pittsburgh! And y’all are coming to *MY* home—the Dallas/Ft. Worth Metroplex—for the Big Game. Southwest is making it easier for you folks to come cheer your teams on to victory in “JerryWorld”—the new, amazing, billion-dollar stadium that is the host to this year’s... read more

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Are We Crazy? No, Just Even More Nuts!


Come Monday, don’t be confused.  Nuts About Southwest is getting a facelift. Monday – 7:37a.m. Central Standard Time.  Coincidence?  I think not. Let's get our upcoming downtime issues out of the way first – our precious blog (and my livelihood) won’t be operable this weekend, due to the upgrade. The blog will return - you guessed it - at 7:37a.m. CST on Monday. ... read more

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