A New Look for


Starting today (Monday, January 15), you will see a new look on our primary web site, All of the most popular booking features are right there on the home page. With a single link, you can access Book a Flight, Check-In Online, Check Flight Status, and View or Change Your Flight. In addition, you have clear access to your MySouthwest account from the new home page, and because Southwest is all about low fares, our new “Fly For Less” page will allow you to find the most up-to-date specials. If you are interested in the latest news about Southwest (and I am guessing that most of you are since you read our blog), visit the “What’s New” page. We have also revamped the menus at the top of the home page so you can easily find more Special Offers, Rapid Rewards information, and Travel Tools.
We want the home page to belong to you, and the page will feature photos from our Customers and Employees. As a big fan of this blog and having read most of our Customer letters over the past almost 36 years, I know how creative you are, and now, offers you the opportunity to contribute your favorite Southwest travel photos. Please stay tuned to the site for details.
Like any innovation, the new is the result of a lot of hard work by our Marketing and Technology Employees, and you have had a hand in the redesign of the site. We used your feedback, along with surveys, focus groups, usability tests, and web site reviews to incorporate a design that features what you value most: improved ease of usage and quick access to the information that you need the most through a simplified layout.
If you haven’t done so yet, take a gander at the new, and while you are there, why not take advantage of our low fares by booking a fun trip to a new destination?


  1. I was just reading the news today about the woman from San Diego who Southwest Airlines found to be under-dressed. Personally I think Southwest Airlines is heading for bankruptcy soon if they think that consumers such as myself won’t boycott them for an action that’s so reckless it’s laughable.

    What on Earth makes you think that people will put up with this level of idiocy from an airline? That woman could have been entirely naked and it would have been suitable for her to fly on your airplane. Are you so ashamed of the human body that you have to deny service to someone who’s wearing a skirt?

    I pledge that from this day forward I shall never fly on Southwest Airlines again until you publically get on your knees and beg our forgiveness. And that goes for all my employees as well. You’re being blacklisted.

  2. it’s disappointing that there’s no way to email a quick question to southwest — especially when i am at work & don’t have time to be tethered to the phoneline, and double-especially when i have a comment on the website itself. there’s no place to leave feedback or get help using the site – while actually in the process of using the site.

    my question — is there a way to see all flights from any given city, by price? i might take a quick weekend trip just about anywhere, and would much prefer to go somewhere that’s $49 one-way. doesn’t matter where… anywhere can be fun, especially if the price is right. i’d like to know my options from my starting point, without having to look at every ending point.