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When I left Public Relations a year ago, the blog had launched just two months earlier and was still an infant. It was hard to leave my “baby” behind to take on a new job role in Marketing, but I left it in very capable hands. I know most of you know Brian, a.k.a. “Blog Boy,” but I’d like to introduce you to the other person who works tirelessly, day in and day out, to make sure this blog is fun, interesting, and a bit wacky.
Paula Berg is our behind-the-scenes Blog Queen and I recently went behind her back and asked some of her friends and Coworkers, “Who is Paula Berg?”
Paula Berg is…
…the most real person you will ever meet, the first person people put on their guest list when throwing a party, adorable, honest, creative and brilliant!
Submitted by Brandy King, Coworker and PR Manager
…passionate about this relatively new concept–the blog–that allows Customers and Employees to connect on common interests.  She is tireless in her efforts and understands how important it is for companies to be transparent in their communications with Customers.
Submitted by Ginger Hardage, Sr. VP of Corporate Communications
paula-smile.jpg…Paula is a true friend and the best person in the world to travel with.  I don’t think I could trek through Iceland, get stranded in Frankfurt, or get left by the bus in Vienna with anyone but Paula.  She makes every moment count… 
Submitted by Marilee McInnis, Coworker and PR Manager
…nice enough to post my jokes so she can’t be all that bad.
Submitted by Jill Howard-Allen, Manager Business Support Projects and “Nuts” Blogger
paula-and-whitney.JPG…the best story teller that has ever walked the Earth.  No one else has her cornucopia of knowledge about waxing, ethnic men, jalapenos, Central Market, body wraps, drinking, political movies that only air at 2 am, and making friends with strangers.  Can’t wait to read her book!
Submitted by Whitney Eichinger,Coworker and PR Manager
…wacky, off-the-wall, immensely talented, big-hearted, dedicated, and the perfect ‘audience’ for my puns.  When she gets this certain twinkle in her eye, I know that she is about to share one of her unusual “Paula” stories that almost always leave me LMAO.
Submitted by Brian Lusk, “Blog Boy” paula-and-ice-cream.JPGand Manager of Customer Communications/Corporate Editor
…a future President of the United States
Submitted by Chris Mainz, co-worker and PR Specialist 
…the best storyteller you will ever meet. No topic is taboo, and she’s not afraid to laugh at herself, which makes her an immensely enjoyable person to be around (and here at Southwest, we work a lot, so we’re around her A LOT!!).
Submitted by Linda Rutherford, VP of Public Relations and Community Affairs
I posted some pics of Paula so you can buy her a drink if you ever run into her at a Southwest airport. I promise you that it will be entertaining. You’ll leave with some great stories and a new friend.
Thanks, PB, for keeping the blog alive behind the scenes. You rock.  paula-and-angela.JPG


  1. My turn to say OMG. I can’t imagine being in a room with two Paula Bergs.
    Blog Boy

  2. Paula – OMG…how bizarre. I’ve gone my enitre life without hardly meeting another Paula or another Berg, and now you’re the third Paula Berg I’ve met in the past year. CRAZY. And, I’m actually moving to Colorado at the end of the month, so there will now be two of us in the Rocky Mountains. :)

  3. SWA is my favorite airline and low and behold I googled my name and ther was another Paula Berg. What a great discovery to see I sharemy name with a wonderful and loved person such as you. Keep up the good work and doing our name justice. Paula Berg Colorado

  4. Paula helped me get my lost luggage back! Thanks Paula.

  5. Dear, PDX Mama – I’m afraid I may be responding to your message after your flight. If that is the case, I apologize, and I certainly hope it was better than you anticipated.

    We have made many enhancements to our service since you last traveled with us, and I regret that those changes may have left you feeling uncomfortable or uncertain.

    Flying can be such an exciting experience for a child, and I certainly understand the importance of sharing a row with both your husband and your son! With our current boarding system, that should never be a problem.

    While we have always boarded our aircraft in groups (previously 1-30, 30-60, etc., and now groups A, B, and C), we have refined the process to be more streamlined and comfortable for our Customers. And, families traveling with small children are still encouraged to pre-board our aircraft prior to Customers in our B and C boarding groups.

    Clearly, this information was not made clear by the confirmation email that we sent you, and for that I do apologize. If you refer to the bottom of the email, you should find a gray box titled “Additional Information for Travelers.” In that box there are hyperlinks to the following information: Online Checkin; Free Baggage Allowance; Checkin Requirements; Print Security Document; Inflight Service; Travel Tips; Refund Information; Privacy Policy; and Southwest Airlines Destinations. There is also a link that let’s you know that we can notify you of your flight departure or arrival status via text message on your cell phone, pager, PDA, or email.

    Again, although you mention that you obtained boarding passes in the B group, as a family boarding with a small child you are permitted to board before both the B and C groups. As such, you should have had no trouble finding seats with your family. That said, in the unusual situation that the requested seating is not available; our Flight Attendants are more than happy to accommodate our traveling families.

    If you still have questions or concerns, please check out this video, which offers several tips for traveling with your child on Southwest Airlines:

    I hope that your experience today was smooth and has allayed any concerns you may have had about traveling with us. We certainly appreciate your business and would love to see you onboard anytime you travel!

    Paula Berg
    Southwest Airlines

  6. Paula- I was looking for your email address but found this page, and hope you receive my comment.

    I am deeply distressed about flying with my husband and our 2 year old son tomorrow. This will be our first flight on SWA in years, since we’ve become avid ORBITZ customers, generally getting great fares and service through them on other airlines.

    Before using Orbitz, I flew with SWA frequently. Our parents bought us tickets to fly from Portland to Salt Lake City tomorrow for a family reunion, and after learning more about your lack of pre-boarding for families, I am dreading our flight.

    Flying is a big deal for us- it’s not something we get to do very often as a family. We want to share a 3 seat row and talk with our son about what he is seeing out the window. Kai needs both his father and me with him- We’ve been talking about this flight with him for weeks- and he expects that we will all be flying together.

    Now I didn’t know that SWA had switched to the ABC group system. The confirmation email we received said NOTHING about obtaining a boarding pass online 24 hours before the flight. It really, REALLY should have. As it stands we are in group B with no guarantee we are going to be able to get 3 seats together tomorrow.

    Here’s what you need to do- reinstate family pre-boarding. If you want families further back in the plane, then tell them they have to go there- but put changing tables in the rear restroom, for goodness sake!

    Or, how about informing your passengers, CLEARLY, on their confirmation emails that if they want to sit together, they need to check in online 24 hours in advance. That would be a nice disclosure.

    Tomorrow, we’re going, we’ll do everything we can to make it work. If we get on that plane and can’t get 3 seats together, we will enlist the aid of a flight attendant, and we will not sit down until we have seats with our son. Now on the return trip, we’ll be sure to check in 24 hours in advance. But on this trip, what can we do but stand our ground? And I will feel terrible about holding up the plane potentially, or inconveniencing other passengers- but at this point, what else can we do?

    This was your chance to win old customers back. My son and I fly frequently together- it’s just a rare treat for us to bring Daddy with us. Instead, we will use every means available to us to either recommend or warn off other families from your airline, depending on how the flight goes for us tomorrow. Please email me if you can possibly make arrangements for us, for tomorrow’s flight.

  7. Hey Paula! Ned and I will be flying Southwest for the first time in June. I accidentally found this site when trying to acquaint myself with SWA. I enjoyed reading all of the comments from your co-workers – you haven’t changed a bit. You are still the same Paula that I knew as a little girl and I am thrilled to see how successful you are – although I am not surprised. Would love to see you the next time you are here to see your parents.
    Hope that SWA will live up to it’s reputation.
    p.s. your smile is the same “Paula” sparkle I remember

  8. Never mind “wacky”, and “off-the-wall” – “behind-the-scenes Blog Queen”, and “Nuts about Southwest” really say it all for me.

    To Paula Berg of Southwest Airlines, their apparent “behind-the-scenes Blog Queen” as quoted above, who herself says, regarding the events of March 6-7, 2008 and the record US$10,200,000 in fines racked up by Southwest: “…this situation was never and is not now a safety of flight issue”.

    Nonsense, Paula.

    Cracks in airplanes? Nonsense, Paula.

    I’ve been around publicists and other entertainment folk for over 20 years, and I have heard better publicity emanating from self-plugging screenwriters on acid.

    And Paula, as for “[t]he FAA approved our actions and considered the matter closed as of April 2007”.

    Nonsense, Paula.

    It’s not “closed”, until WE the PUBLIC say it is closed! Take that back to your superiors for me – and tell them that we are just getting started.

    John J. Tormey III, Esq.
    Quiet Rockland