Changes in Drink Coupons


We eliminated cash onboard our aircraft about a year and a half ago, and now we’re taking one more step toward becoming paperless.  Effective today, we will no longer sell Drink Coupon Books at the airport.

So what does this mean for you?  If you still have drink coupons, don’t worry—we’ll take ‘em!   And, Rapid Reward Members who earn 16 credits will continue to receive the existing drink coupon booklets.  As well, our Business Select Customers will continue to receive their free drink coupon with each purchase.
If you don’t have a drink coupon, you can purchase one of our tasty beverages on your next flight with a credit card.  You can choose from Michelob Ultra to Bud Light, Coastal Ridge wines to a variety of cocktails…and more.  Be sure to check our Menu in your seatback pocket for our current beverage list and this quarter’s Signature Special!



  1. I have only been flying SWA for a year now, and up to this past weekend it had been great. Between my partner and I, we have three flight credits and a small stack of drink coupons. Much to our dismay, our drink coupons (which specifically state that they may be used for a non-alcoholic specialty drink and have no expiry date) were NOT accepted by our flight attendant for Monster.

    Please make sure all flight attendants get the memo about the old versus the new drink coupons because we were not happy with this individual. He may have been “funny” but clearly not very smart in delivering customer service. I bet he wouldn’t have been happy if I gave him a coupon for free chicken, only for him to find out at the restaurant that management suddenly decided to not accept them anymore because they were so popular. Just because your program changes doesn’t mean you can make all the old coupons completely worthless to those who don’t want to drink alcohol on the plane (at least have a printed disclaimer!).

  2. I too think the removal of Monster drinks for coupons is a bit strange, but hey, they are a private company and can do what they want. Sure we can get upset but if you are that ticked, then just do not fly Southwest any more. Done.

    And to those who talk about how they cannot drink because they have to drive or go to a meeting–then you shouldn’t be having a Monster energy drink either–you’ll just be jittery and hopped up on suger. All but the frailest of people can have one alcoholic drink and not be over the limit of .08 to drive. Caffeine and sugar also cause impairment and with the size of the Monster can, the crash after the rush is pretty bad. So beware. It irks me that in this country we call one thing “good” and another “bad” when they in fact are both drugs. One is legal for anyone, anytime (caffeine); another is illegal over a certain amount and under a certain age (alcohol).

    So for Southwest to use cost as the main differentiator between them makes perfect sense to me. Monster just has a huge markup and it winds up costing more to them than beer/wine/liquor.

  3. I think this is crazy I asked what a non-alcoholic drink was if it not a monster then what is it good for. I dont drink alcohol and have over fifty drink coupons and want a monster, so what im going to do is order 10 beers and not drink them, make Southwest pay 5.00 dollars a drink instead of 3.00. Is this how they treat repeat customers.

  4. I register my complaint too!

    I’m a huge frequent flyer…diamond status with Delta, and on shorter hauls with Southwest. I don’t feel like boozing it up on a flight, and really am considering throwing all these coupons in the garbage as they have no value to me. I am normally upgraded to business in Delta, it makes me not miss my free Monster so much. 😉