DING! Winners


Recently, we held a contest where we encouraged our Customers to submit a DING! headline. We received around 30,000 entries, and many inquiring minds have been waiting for the winners to be announced…. ….drum roll please!

GRAND Prize Winners:

Joyce C. – Freedom is calling from the skies above! Choose one of our great deals and fall madly in LUV!

Patrick C. – Mondays are manic, but don’t you panic…..DING! has specials from the Pacific to the Atlantic

First Place Winners:

Pat N. – With this DING!, I thee fled.

Kimberly W. – Our prices are great! Our prices are low! Book with us, where you want to go!

Second Place Winner

Lisa E. – DING! today, Gone tomorrow! DING! fares are so cheap, you won’t have to borrow!

Wondering if we store all those fun headlines somewhere? We do! There is an actual DING! database that our very own software engineers built to grab the headlines for each DING!

Some of my favorites are:

-Gas prices are high. It’s no joke! Fly on Southwest to avoid going broke

-Roses are red, violets are blue, there’s a DING! offer waiting for you

-Feeling desperate? Need to get away? Check out these DING! fares, no need for dismay.

-Need to take a break? Need a place to go? Let Southwest take you to and fro.

-It’s Friday afternoon. Your work is almost done. DING! fares have been released. And the fun has just begun.

Congrats to our creative winners, and if you don’t have DING!, you better get that thing.


  1. My wife thought I should send the “fares on the ground” suggestion.

  2. Hi South West Airlines. i am taking a bit of a flyer here, but does anyone know if South West have any 737 scrap Thottle Quadrants like the one here i am hoping that with 30000 entries to your competition onw will be an aircraft engineer. many thanks

  3. Any luck on a mobile DING? That would be great…


  4. Ding used to mean something. Now, ding prices are higher than most travel websites so why bother.