Eat a Georgia Peach. Suntan on a Beach. Double-Diamond Reach. Time to Make Spring Break Plans!


Holiday?  What Holiday!  Today, Labor Day, Southwest opened our Spring Break 2012 flight schedule for sale, adding availability from March 10th through April 9th, 2012.    Front-and-center in our schedule for next spring is the addition of two new nonstop markets from Atlanta—service to Las Vegas as well as Phoenix!  We’ve timed our flights in these markets to provide great connectivity to Southwest’s dense Western network, but they’ll also give our new Georgia Customers some “quality time” in the Valley of the Sun as well as all up and down the Vegas Strip.  This will give us 17 weekday departures from Atlanta (we begin service on February 12th to Austin, Baltimore/Washington, Chicago/Midway, Denver, and Houston) and will increase the number of Southwest airports with links to Atlanta to 50.  Of course, this is all in addition to the 173 nonstops each day that our colleagues at AirTran will be operating between Atlanta and 51 cities!

Also returning next March are nonstops between Birmingham and Phoenix, as well as Saturday-only service between Orlando and both Cleveland and Detroit.  Overall, we’ll be offering 3,358 weekday departures, an increase of 138 daily flights over the February schedule with no increase in aircraft.  Our new nonstops as well as other service increases to beach, ski, and big-city destinations for Spring Breakers are, as usual, funded by frequency changes in dozens of markets, all of which are “stitched together” by our unique schedule optimization process. 

Even though we’ve now published our schedules through the entire first quarter of 2012, we’re already hard at work on the rest of next year.  Of course, you’ll read about it here first—so check back here frequently.  And start planning that Spring Break trip now!  Happy Labor Day, folks!


  1. Where is the PDF list?

  2. Did you forget to post the PDF? Also, when should some of Southwest’s other large stations like Orlando, Tampa, Nashville, and St. Louis expect to see Atlanta service? They offer quite a few connections as well that Airtran can’t currently provide to SW cities(in fact I don’t think Nashville even has Airtran, correct me if I’m wrong).

  3. we need more news destinations for Dulles badly it’s getting too costly to fly out of Dulles UNITED’s hub and other airlines at Dulles when you need a quick nonstop flights !

  4. Why has SWA avoided nonstops from LAS to MSP & DTW? They the last large cities not to be flown nonstop. Is it the same reason why SWA doesn’t fly to Memphis? Because of the retaliation from Delta? If that’s the case, why would SWA go right for DL’s heart in ATL? What about the retaliation that’s sure to come?

    • Rx2 — 09-06-2011 at 1:51 am
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  5. why not dulles – atlanta!!!???????????????????

  6. Bill, just like the Travel Tools page said at this was a day I couldn’t wait for. After using Southwest Airlines from Sacramento back on Friday to Portland as well as the HUT Shuttle from PDX to Corvallis to witness a stunning Sacramento State Football 29-28 Overtime victory over Oregon State, I returned home on Sunday waiting to blog about my April trip I have successfully booked on September 5th for the 7th of April going and the 9th returning to see the Sacramento River Cats take on the Las Vegas 51s in exciting Triple-A Pacific Coast League Baseball. In just their twelfth year of existance, Sacramento has won ten division titles, which is more than any professional sports team at any level this century. You probably have seen my blog post under Summer Vacations Memories that you were the original author of back on August 8th. That one, I blogged about the outstanding Sacramento State Overtime upset over Oregon State that just occurred over the Labor Day Weekend in 2011. Hopefully my April trip to Las Vegas to see the River Cats will be just as exciting as a Spring Vacation. I hope in the meantime that you are doing well, and are perhaps making some Fall Vacation plans to come to Sacramento to see New Terminal B during an open house public tour that will take place on October 2nd. Beginning on Thursday, October 6th all of Southwest Airlines will be operating out of the New Terminal B at Sacramento International Airport. All of us in Sacramento are really excited about this huge major milestone, and can’t wait to start using New Terminal B when we take our Southwest Flights on and after October 6th. Take care and be well. We’ll look forward to the next blog post that you have and perhaps seeing you in Sacramento for the free tour of New Terminal B on Sunday, October 2nd.


    Mike Barnbaum, Rapid Rewards Member in Sacramento, California

  7. When can we have DTW-LAS flights

  8. Will there be a PDF link to the changes in this schedule?