Get Up. Get Amped. Give Back.


This week Southwest Airlines celebrates National Volunteer Week in a big way by issuing a challenge to our 35,000 Employees! In honor of our 40 years of service and our rich history of giving back, Southwest Airlines today launches the 40 Hours for 40 Years volunteer pledge for Employees. For every 40 hours volunteered at a nonprofit by an Employee or group of Employees, Southwest Airlines will donate a complimentary, roundtrip ticket to that organization through its ongoing Tickets for Time program. The Tickets for Time program is Southwest’s way of supporting the causes that are closest to its Employees hearts.

The 40 Hours for 40 Years volunteer pledge is an extra effort by our Company to encourage Employee volunteerism across our system. In a year where we’ll ring in 40 years of service with lots of celebrations and pats on the back; we will also give a big hug to the communities that have given so much to us by getting out there and volunteering. We hope to log more volunteer hours this year than ever before through the 40 Hours for 40 Years Pledge.

There’s a lot more to come this year. We’re excited to amp up our volunteer efforts in every city we serve! Stay tuned this week for more stories of this positive impact of volunteers. For more information about Southwest Airlines community outreach, visit


  1. Congrats to all of you at SWA without a doubt my favorite airline. Super employees, great flight departure and arrival on time, humor in announcements, sales like no other. What else could you want. Kepp it up team you ROCK!

  2. Great Idea! More companies should follow your example! Can’t wait to see how many hours are logged!

    Again, great work!

  3. I would just like to say that Southwest Airlines is my favorite airline. I have enjoyed every flight I have taken. Each flight was very enjoyable from the time I checked in until we landed at my destination. I am convinced that Southwest is also the safest airline in the air, because you only fly boeing 737s ane this makes for a much faster turn around and the parts if needed are primarialy for just one model of plane. This is a great model for other airlines. Other airlines that try to compete can never happen because of your overall business model.

    Perhaps I have rattled on enough, but I can’t praise you enough. You are my airline of choice along with my entire family. God Bless you and keep up the good service. Verne

  4. Very impressive group commitment.
    The group environment of kindness and giving encourages me to greater heights of kindness and giving.
    The group always impresses with their creativity and shows me ways to give back that I hadn’t thought of.
    Great effort and thank you.

  5. Great News on hearing Southwest is celbrating 40 years in the business. The whole team at Southwest are a great bunch and have flown with them or years. Thanks Southwest and keep flying for we just love to fly with happy, well trained, piolets who care, and just a great team.



  6. Lovin’ It!!! We have been Southwest fans for years and years. Want to come to an elementary classroom near SeaTac Airport and volunteer in a high poverty school? I would love to have you meet my 4th graders.

  7. When I fly, it’s always with SWA. Why? Because I luv you. I have a Downs Syndrome duaghter (46 yrs young) who used to fly w/my dad a lot years ago, and hasn’t since the 1980’s prior to the present security checkpoints. At her prior residence of 32 yrs, Wings organization used to give a tour for the developmentally disabled & they are now out of business. It would be great if the residential care center which cares for 65 young adults could experience the same type of time my daughter & her former roommates had in the past. The name of the facility is St.Louis Center, Chelsea, MI. They’re a non-profit, non-denomination group that would love the experience, Dawns mom. P.S. Keep up the great work. You have my thumbs up. And by the way, my best friends son works for SWA & he always sings your praises.

  8. Southwest,
    Your doing a great job in all aspects of your company. I don’t even consider any other airline to fly. Do me one favor please, do not and I repeat “do not fix anything that is not broke”