Going North via WestJet on Southwest (confused?)


It’s official, WestJet will be our first international partner and we will be offering travel to some pretty cool destinations all the way to Canada! Okay, I know, it doesn’t feel that international because it is Canada and traveling to Canada is quite simple. But they do speak different languages, eh..and those accents…and the beer…the temperature…the metric system…work with me here…this is the start of some really cool stuff.
It’s like a dream come true. I woke up this morning and there was actually an official announcement of Southwest’s first international codeshare partnership. The anticipation of something international has been talked about around here forever. Having come back to Southwest almost a year ago, I have been a part of a team that has been busy analyzing codeshare opportunities to determine how and when we would actually be able to offer our Customers the ability to travel beyond the United States. You can’t imagine the complexity that goes into identifying, negotiating, developing, and finally being in position to implement an international codeshare partnership.
Okay, now that I’ve set this up to be the most difficult task that any team in the history of Southwest Airlines has ever tackled, the reality is that the choice of WestJet was so logical you could classify our task as a "no-brainer." You don’t have to have taken Codeshare 101 to have made the decision to partner with a airline like WestJet but hey, we want our partnerships to meet and exceed all Customer expectations. Naturally, we took the time to make sure WestJet was the great airline we had heard it was. We found that there were so many similarities to Southwest, they had to be a great airline!
So stay tuned, we will begin the relationship by selling existing WestJet flights on We will then evolve to provide a seamless travel experience for Southwest Customers connecting to and from Canada. It’ll take several months for this to happen because, as I mentioned, it really is a complicated process but it will be well worth the wait for US and Canadian Customers.
We look forward to hearing from the Westjetters (Westjet Employees) and their Guests (their Customers) along with Southwest Employees and our Customers about this wonderful opportunity.
I think my first trip will be to Banff Springs.


  1. this excerpt from the Financial Post is very disappointing! I thought Southwest was better prepared and not so stagnant! The end of the Westjet deal seems to make me think WN is becoming stagnant and not like it once was.

    New WestJet chief eyes global flight path
    Scott Deveau, Financial Post
    Published: Ftriday, March 26, 2010

    In this story
    Canwest News Service Gregg Saretsky in the pilot’s seat as WestJet aims to shed its stagnant low-cost model to become a true global player
    When Gregg Saretsky was just out of university, working in the financial sector in the early 1980s, the woman who would eventually become his wife asked him what his ambition in life was. Without missing a beat, the Montreal native, who put himself through university as a flight attendant for Air Canada, told her, “I want to run my own airline.”

    His wife, Deb, reminded him of that conversation last Monday, 25 years after he returned to the business, when the board of WestJet Airlines Ltd. unexpectedly appointed Mr. Saretsky, 50, its new chief executive less than a year after joining the airline and only five months after becoming its head of operations.

    While his rapid rise at Canada’s No. 2 carrier is notable for his own career, it’s also a pivotal horse-for-the-course transition that WestJet’s board hopes will finally allow the carrier to shed the stagnant low-cost model it adopted from Southwest Airlines 14 years ago to become a true global player.

    “It’s a great opportunity for me, to be in the seat I have, to really help write the next chapter in our story,” Mr. Saretsky said in an interview Friday.

    Paramount in making WestJet a major player in the North American market will be the successful implementation of several strategic partnerships with international carriers. These so-called code-share deals have been made possible after the rather rocky transition to WestJet’s new SabreSonic reservation system in recent months. The problems implementing the new system contributed to the unexpected departure of Sean Durfy as its chief executive effective April 1.

    Code-share deals will allow WestJet to seamlessly pass its passengers onto the planes of its international partners, and help fill its domestic flights with other airlines’ customers.

    WestJet has been laying the groundwork for such a deal with Air France/KLM and China Airlines. Before it fully implements those deals, WestJet appears to be prioritizing a partnership with a U.S. carrier due to the high amount of traffic crossing the border, Mr. Saretsky said.

    Fitting WestJet’s new ambition, Mr. Saretsky said it is now more likely it will first partner with U.S. legacy carrier Delta Air Lines rather than the expected deal with Southwest Airlines. While WestJet has often strived to be the Canadian version of Southwest, the U.S. low-cost carrier lacks a reservation system capable of code-sharing.

    A deal with Delta has been made all the more probable now that WestJet is also lined up to receive five daily slots at New York’s LaGuardia airport as an offshoot of a slot swap between Delta and U.S. Airways. The deal is subject to regulatory approval.

    The slots would allow WestJet to reinstate its Toronto-New York service after a five-year hiatus, and a deal with Delta could see it expand to Atlanta, Boston, and Washington, D.C., all locations where the Atlanta-based carrier has a strong presence, Mr. Saretsky said.

    “[Delta] has an interest. They have a capability. We like the Southwest partnership, but they’ve signalled to us that they’re not going to be ready,” Mr. Saretsky said.

    “We’re going to move on and tee things up with another partner

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  2. What is going on with the SWA/WJA codeshare? Has is been scrapped?

  3. jmc, the code3share won’t be effective for awhile, so I am afraid that leaves out this month. Also, neither carrier is honoring the other’s frequent flyer awards at this time.

  4. Is this still a going possibility as of May 2009? Also, if it happens, will Westjet honor free tickets that Southwest has given to frequent fliers?

  5. A presence at MDW would be wonderful. Right now, MDW has almost no flights to Canada.

  6. You will love Westjet but we want to see a Calgary to Houston flight. Would like to see a run for this lovely cash cow as we are almost sister cities but don’t have a reasonable flight between. Southwest seems wonderful! Yahoo