Help Me Decide


I can’t believe it.  Summer is almost over, and Halloween is just around the corner.  This will be my fifth Halloween as Southwest’s CEO, and little did I know what kind of impact my costumes would have.  In 2004, I portrayed mega-rock star, Gene Simmons of KISS,

and the year after that, I rode the range as Wild Bill Hickok. 

In 2006, I took on a nautical air as that rascally Captain Jack Sparrow,

and last year I was the demure Edna Turnblad from Hairspray.

My Halloween Elves are ready to get the 2008 “Gary” set up, and I need suggestions about who (or what) I should portray for Halloween.  It would be really nice if your suggestion doesn’t involve shortterm (and especially longterm!) body modifications like shaving my legs, although I will sacrifice for art—within reason.

So be creative and leave your suggestion, and it’s okay to color outside the lines—the good folks at Spirit Halloween stores will make your idea come to life.


  1. How about crabby cat? Shes very popular right now…

  2. he should be a stewardess

  3. I think you would look stunning as Gandolf from Lord of the Rings.

  4. He should wear Top Gun flight suit like Tom Cruise like in the movie because hes accomplished so many task and goals so he should be a Top Gun!!

  5. What about Lady Gaga?
    Or Sue Sylvester from Glee-red sweatsuit & large megaphone?
    Or Justin Bieber?
    These characters are all hot celebrities in pop culture & Southwest Airlines soars with its celebrity status and great culture!

  6. Im thinking a Lady Gaga beef jerky outfit. Can’t wait to see the outcome of that.

  7. Frank Sinatra…..Come fly with me

  8. Now this suggestion is completely out of the box, Michael Jackson the king of Pop. If you like I can even show you how to Moonwalk. And I still have his Thriller jacket if you would like to borrow it.