How much can a sofa cost?


We knew we needed new carpet and new sofas, but better to wait until the dog dies.  Darlyn is 15 years old and "tosses her cookies" regularly.  The utility closet  houses every rug cleaner on the market!  One evening in November, I spot "the hole" in the arm of one of the sofas.  Decision made– I’m buying two new sofas and carpeting the family room.  We were already waiting for the plantation shutters for the downstairs so I was going to practice frugality.

The search begins on the Internet and spills over into every furniture showroom in Dallas.  All available sofas are too long for our space.  To make the room bigger, the Mitsubishi must go–throw a flat screen tv and wall mount into our shopping basket!  Before we hang it over the fireplace it would be a good idea to paint.  Enter Contractor Dan.  He was ready to go, and I had seven hours to find the perfect beige paint!  I felt like I was on The Amazing Race.  Best friend Jamie, who had already done the leg work, gave me her perfect beige paint sample.  This would be a good time to go ahead and texture the kitchen walls while Dan’s crew is here.  What are we going to do with the tv components if the tv is on the wall?  Hey, found the perfect component cabinet and threw it into the basket.  The beautiful walls made our fireplace stick out.  What’s a few new tiles?  This task was like searching for The Holy Grail.  Not enough space to describe–again, Dan’s the man!  The hole in the sofa arm is getting bigger.  I remember Bassett Direct on Midway mentioning custom made.  That’s the answer!  Furniture man Ben remembers us and greats us with a smile.  The second time you go back, they know a sale is eminent!  He introduces us to Decorator Suzanne, and we are off and running!  Spring and down, tapered leg, panel arm, knife edge back is sofa talk.  Given 750 choices, settling on the fabric was easy.  Delivery is in 30 days so I can leave, right?  Not before looking at a beautiful rug that’s "probably more than you want to spend."  The colors are perfect with the sofa fabric and "ties the room together."  You recognize that as decorator talk. 

Something’s missing.  Oh, there is now room for a new chair –found a complimentary fabric that’s a must have to go with the rug.  The manager brings me a Diet Coke.  I’ve only been here five hours!  I leave with a beautiful computerized scale model of our new family room.  Now, all I need is the carpet.  Contractor Dan sends us to Flooring John.  I was having second thoughts about adding a rug on top of carpet.  So, you must see this coming, he shows us wood flooring.  That would help us with the "Darlyn problem".  We bring the sample home and it becomes apparent that we cannot put wood flooring in one room only because the house is very open.  From the front door you see the living/dining rooms as well as the family room and the large foyer.  What the heck, order it!  While sitting at Flooring John’s desk, a granite sample catches my eye.  It matches the perfect beige walls in the kitchen/family room.  Maybe we will just take it home and see how it looks.  Yes, it’s beautiful, and yes it’s installed.

My market basket is overflowing and I must check out.  How am I going to pay for all of this?  "One year, no payments!"  That’s GE Money Bank talk!  If you think you need a sofa, don’t say I didn’t warn you!      


  1. Hi Carole,
    I read your article on why you became a flight attendant and wanted to say “I laughed out loud”!!! I recently told my husband and friends (lots of pilots) that I wanted to become a FA. They laughed and said “Why would you give up Speech Therapy?”. We have the same story only I have put my wishes on hold for as many years as you’ve been a FA. I just had to share. I am going forward with the plan. :) Missy

  2. HI Carole,
    I wanted to say I laughed out loud when I read your story about how you became a flight attendant. I recently told my husband and friends that I was going to apply. THEY laughed out loud and said “What about Speech Therapy?”. I have been a therapist for the years you have been a FA. I have always loved Customer Service and Change. I just thought it so funny that we had the same profession and wanted to switch. I went to Texas Tech. Anyway, I enjoy your blogs. They are fun!!! :) Missy

  3. If you go by Bassett Direct to see Ben and Suzanne, mention my name for a free coke!

    Brian, talk with me before you start. One thing I know to be true, it’s better for me to work and make the money to pay a professional!


  4. The people at Home Depot should know me by name as much as I am there. The joys of home ownership!

  5. Carole, this frightens me. We are looking to redo our kitchen.