June 2014 Now Available for Booking!


Get out the suntan lotion and the beach balls.  The initial schedule for next Summer went out for sale today, making flights available all the way out to June 30, plus we’ve published schedule additions that will become effective even before we get to the Summer.  There are lots of details to share about new markets as well as eliminated ones, so read on!

Effective April 8, we’ll re-enter the New Orleans-San Diego nonstop market with one daily roundtrip.  We had served previously from 2000 to 2005, but discontinued in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.  Service will be daily.  Then, on May 11, we will add six new flights to and from New York’s LaGuardia Airport, service made possible by the slots we recently obtained as a result of the AA/US merger.  We’ll add two more roundtrips between LaGuardia and Houston/Hobby, for a total of four; two more between LaGuardia and Chicago/Midway, for a total of eight; one more between LaGuardia and Nashville, for a total of three; and one more between LaGuardia and Akron/Canton, for a total of three.

Moving on to the 2014 Summer Base schedule, we’ve completely re-optimized everything, so nearly every flight number, departure/arrival time, and block time will change.  You’ll find the popular quick-reference chart below, but let me call your attention to a few new markets of particular interest.  The first big thing you’ll notice is the addition of three new nonstop markets to and from beautiful San Diego:  one daily roundtrip to Orlando, two daily nonstops to Portland, Ore., and three daily nonstops to Seattle/Tacoma!  Along with other San Diego frequency changes (including the addition of a second daily San Diego-Nashville roundtrip) this will give us an even 100 daily departures each weekday from Lindbergh Field.  Elsewhere around the system, we’ll add nonstop seasonal service in 21 markets—16 returning favorites and five brand-new ones, including the first-ever nonstop service between Houston/Hobby and San Juan, which will have one nonstop roundtrip every Saturday.  Internationally, we’ll bring back Austin-Cabo service three times a week (Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays).

Two seasonal markets—Hartford/Springfield to Ft. Myers, and Orlando to Minneapolis-St. Paul—will be discontinued, although connecting itineraries will continue to be available.  Reflecting the continuing evolution of our system, 17 nonstop roundtrip markets will be permanently discontinued.  These include the nine nonstop markets that will be eliminated with the closures of Branson, Key West, and Jackson, but also includes the elimination of nonstop service between Harlingen and San Antonio, which we’ve flown continuously since 1975.  This elimination is difficult, but necessary given current market conditions.

The work to combine the Southwest and AirTran network continues, and to that end we’ll begin sharing service in nine markets. While we’ll completely convert five markets entirely to Southwest service, all of which are to and from Baltimore/Washington.

Again, a summary of all the new and eliminated nonstop service is here in the  Summer 2014 Market Changes Chart.  Of course, there are many other minor frequency adjustments in markets across the nation—over a hundred of them in fact!  All changes are now available on  And a final thing you may notice about this schedule extension is its duration.  For our initial Summer 2014 schedule extension, we’ve only put out new inventory through June 30, a span of only about three weeks.  We historically have put out the entire June-August timeframe all at once, and have for many years.  Now—why would we do that?  Hmmm …. well, let me leave you with some lyrics from the fantastic musical, West Side Story:

Could it be? Yes, it could.
Something’s coming, something good,
If I can wait………
Something’s coming, I don’t know what it is,
But it is
Gonna be great!

Be safe, y’all … and Happy Holidays!



  1. Very disappointed to see SDF losing ATL (on top of recent losses to STL and BHM). Why wouldn’t WN consider ATL-SDF-MKE or ATL-SDF-DAY in attempt to save those flights? SDF allows for quick turns and if you would add the thru service those flights would likely make $.

    Very disappointed! DL and now AA will be getting more of my business!

  2. Bill:

    The very last line in the Summer 2014 Market Changes Chart is simply “Washington/Reagan National” with no other end of the market!

    Which market IS this that is getting new WN Frequencies?

    Thank you,


    • It tooks some digging but the answer to the mystery market getting new Southwest service to/from DCA. The answer is Milwaukee. 1 Southwest and 3 Airtrans.

  3. Will SW bring back routes from BWI to either EWR or LGA (especially for those that prefer to fly instead of driving or taking the train)? There are plenty of business people that would make daily trips to the NYC/NJ area that could benefit from these routes. I usually fly these routes on a weekly basis and now i have to find an alternative.

  4. Hey there and thank you for the AUS adds! Please note the PDF shows AUS-PDX as 0 0 for season June, yet it should show an add for daily. Thank you for all you do, Shadeofblonde

  5. Very sorry to see HRL-SAT gone from the schedule. That was my first WN flight, back in the early 1980′s. In the past few years HRL has lost half of its WN flights (I remember many years of HOUx9, SATx2, and AUSx1; now it’s HOUx5 and AUSx1).

    • I know, this is bad for Harlingen. It’s going to lose close to 200,000 seats a year (enplanement and deplanements) with the loss of two daily flights.

      • Gabriel–see my reply to HRL Flyer above. Eliminating a market we’ve served since 1975 was a VERY hard choice to make, but it was one that had to be made.


    • I know. Where’s the Luv??? Or where has it gone?

      • Harlingen Native–the LUV is still there, but it has to follow the business. Unfortunately, the HRL-SAT market had decreased in size to an unsustainable level. Apologies!!!!


    • HRL flyer–I share your disappointment! A difficult call to make for sure–but unfortunately, the economics of the industry these days don’t leave us a lot of wiggle room to retain long-time underperforming routes. Sorry we gave you a “bag of coal” for the Holidays this year!!!


  6. I think you forgot the chart of adds and reductions at the end of the post. Its very nice to have. Thanks!

    • Hi Amimperatrice … the PDF with the chart is hyper linked in the story. I bolded it to make it more prominent. Hope this helps!

  7. Where’s the quick reference chart? Am I missing it?