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What is Southwest LUV Mail?

Each month, we get hundreds of letters, emails, and phone calls from Customers who share stories about our Southwest Warriors providing Legendary Customer Service. We LUV these stories, and we are always looking for creative ways to celebrate our Employees. LUV Mail highlights some of our greatest Employee tales, told by you, our LUVing Customers.

From: Gregorio Giorgo

LUV Mail: Digital Discussion

Gregorio Giorgo is currently taking a Business Senior Seminar class and recently he and his peers read a 2013 case study about Southwest Airlines.  Gregorio wrote to us explaining what an important role PIT Customer Service Agent Judi Grandy—who is the mother of one of Gregorio’s classmates—played in this assignment.  Although Judi was on vacation in Florida, she took... read more

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From: Customer Service Supervisor Xaver

Taking Care of our Customers

A Customer onboard Flight #143 was experiencing abdominal pain; however, since he did not speak English, the Crew was unable to communicate with him.  BWI Customer Service Supervisor Chris Dougherty wasted no time and stepped in.  Chris acted as translator between the Customer and paramedics, and, with the information provided, they were able to give the Customer the medical... read more

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From: Bill Collins

‘Off the Clock’ Service

Traveling with small children can be a little bit of a challenge, as SWA Customer Bill Collins realized during a recent trip with his one-year-old and four-year-old daughters.  With his daughters, car seats, backpack, and stroller in tow, Mr. Collins approached the Operations Agent in hopes of family boarding so that he could have some extra time to stow his belongings and... read more

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From: Jeff Wright

The ‘Wright’ Way to Fly

As Employees of the LUV Airline, there is nothing we enjoy more than reading a good LUV story!  Customer Jeff Wright reached out to us recently to share how Southwest has helped him connect to what's important in his life—his wife of 14 years—through friendly, reliable, and low-cost air travel. Jeff was recently traveling home from a business trip to celebrate his and... read more

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From: Omar Vikin

Prince of LUV

As SWA Customer Omar Vikin and his son were driving to Manchester-Boston Regional Airport, the younger Vikin sent a text message to a girl asking her to junior prom.  She said, “Yes!”  Later, onboard one of our Southwest LUV jets, Mr. Vikin mentioned his son’s accomplishment to DEN Flight Attendant Valerie Pate.  Valerie recruited HOU Flight Attendant Marty Cobb and... read more

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From: Carly Piotrowski

The Vacation Keeper

A camera can symbolize more than just a nice piece of electronic equipment; it can be the vessel in which precious memories are kept.  Such was the case for Customer Carly Piotrowski’s camera, which was accidentally left behind in MCO and contained irreplaceable pictures from Ms. Piotrowski’s Disney vacation.  MCO Captain George Anagnostopoulos overheard Ms. Piotrowski... read more

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From: Bryan Turner

Care Package Coordinator

Oakland First Officer Bryan Turner truly appreciates Oakland Senior Crew Base Coordinator Danielle Nobori, because, for Bryan, Danielle coordinated special efforts to help him get back on the road to recovery from an illness.  Bryan came down with the bug shortly before he was to go on a three-day reserve block.  He made the call to our Oakland Base, and, before he knew what... read more

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From: Karen Voccia

Vittles for our Vets

Our Employees show their love for our military veterans in many different ways—Baltimore Customer Service Supervisor Sue Lee says it with home-baked goodies and delicious delicacies!  Her Coworker, Baltimore Customer Service Supervisor Karen Voccia, sent in a LUV Report praising Sue for the culinary kindness that she routinely shows to Honor Flight veterans and... read more

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From: Linda Losey

Turkey For Our Troops

San Diego Customer Service Supervisor Katie Kuhn and San Diego Station Administrator Barbara Pellegrino cooked up some holiday cheer for our troops this Thanksgiving!  They organized a turkey dinner for the servicemen and women at the San Diego USO, and they consistently serve these men and women—and recruit other San Diego Employees to do the same—yearround.  Great... read more

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From: Cynthia Moynihan

An Act of Kindness

Going to an airport and getting on a plane and traveling to unfamiliar territory takes on a whole new meaning when one has a hearing loss.  A routine flyer so to speak, I was familiar with how to fly and, despite a hearing loss, was able to hear well enough and connect with those whether I flew solo or with others.  When my hearing loss became severe, and I was married... read more