The Proof is in the Folding


I am not a folder.

Can’t fold clothes. I very frequently miss the mark on a half or tri-fold; rarely even use folders, and those fold for you.  In each month’s Spirit Magazine, there is an origami design.  If you’re like me, you scoff at the instructions (which scoff right back, by the way).  The instructions’ step-by-step process seems so easy, which makes failure that much harder to stomach. 
But sometimes, there’s a beacon of hope.  A practitioner of the art who, if nothing else, allows for the rest of us to live vicariously through his/her efforts. 
While combing our Corporate channels earlier today, I came across such an individual:

What form! What precision! What symmetry!

Michael, I noticed you were bashful about our retweet earlier today, but know this… you give all of us incompetent folders a reason to press on.  And for that, Sir, I thank you.


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  1. Just posted the one I did last week flying from Tucson to Dallas at O’Dark Thirty, had to do something to get my brain cells jumpin and moving again! Kind of a cool project though mine did not come out as grand as yours! :-)