Ready, Set, Blog 3.0!


We spent Friday reminiscing about our award-winning blog history of five years.
From its infancy, Nuts About Southwest has always been a learning process and still remains one. At its core, Nuts is about letting Customers not only see behind the curtain, but tear the curtain down altogether.
So it is with great pleasure I formally present our latest edition of Nuts About Southwest, fresh out of the packaging.
Besides the sleek new interface, you’ll notice the Social Stream to the right of the page. The stream is a tool that will provide real-time updates on Southwest activity in spaces like Twitter and Facebook, as well as user activity from across the Nuts blog. It’s a live play-by-play of what’s going on at Southwest.
Our new Blog Team was selected from among many, many talented Employee submissions. They represent different jobs, tenures, perspectives, and parts of the country.
Enhanced user profiles provide more ways to share, and an interactive map shows us what Southwest cities users have visited.
Located just above that map you’ll notice badges. Users can earn badges based on how they interact with the blog – by commenting, LUV’ing a post, or sharing their travel destinations. As our user interactions grow, so will our badges.
Red Belly Radio is easier to listen to than ever, with a pop-out player that allows users to continue surfing the blog while they listen to the podcast.
Head over to the downloads tab to access smart phone wallpaper, extras for your own blog, and the Southwest Social Media Guide for Employees
When the sun sets at our Headquarters in Dallas, it also sets on Nuts About Southwest. I’ll let you return tonight to see what I mean (after all, we can’t reveal ALL our secrets).
I hope you’re as excited as I am in welcoming our new Blog Team, and applauding the fantastic work that got us to Blog 3.0!


  1. New layout looks great! However, I noticed yesterday on my RSS feed for Friday Flashback that I only got the first paragraph. Is that a permanent change to the feeds?

  2. Recent article about corporate blogs said most of them are not very good … but Southwest was listed as one of the really great ones! It says volumes that you invest the people time to do this well. But those who are familiar with your culture are not surprised. CONGRATS on being at this for 5 years, begun long before the current “social media” craze for companies.

  3. Congrats on the new blog launch! Just a note – I found a problem with the urls in your Social Stream sidebar. The problem only seems to occur on post permalink pages. The “blog” segment of the url is listed twice, and sends visitors to a “nutty” 404. Cheers.

  4. Nice blog, now off to explore it…

  5. You all – this is so wonderful it brought tears to my eyes! Ok, so I’m a cornball kind of gal! But truly – it is lovely. It has energy, it looks so inviting, it is fun – just like our wonderful airline. Thank you all SO MUCH for all your efforts on this. It truly is stunning!

  6. Very nice blog…..great job!!!

  7. I love Southwest so much! The flight attendants are funny and have warm personalities. Keep up the good work!

  8. Really like the new blog!