The Real Geeks Invade Nuts About Southwest for CES!


Greetings Southwest Nuts! 


We’re The Real Geeks, a technology blog…but our friends call us TRG. For a few years now, we’ve been dishing out daily tech news and product reviews to our readers, and now, our good friends at Southwest have given us the opportunity to share our experiences from the 2013 International Consumer Electronics Show to you right here on Nuts About Southwest! 

The International CES is the world’s largest trade show, and covers everything from smartphone cases to jet engines (Hear that, Southwest?). For you, we’ll be focusing on showcasing the cream of the crop when it comes to travel technology, in order to make your next excursion a little bit more comfortable…and maybe even fun! Fun is never a bad thing.

We’re going to be hanging out on the show floor from January 7-11, and during our time at the show, we’ll be letting you know whenever we find a travel gadget that’s too good to miss. We’ll also be documenting our overall experience at the show, because we’re going to have way too much fun to keep it to ourselves!

Even though the show ends on Friday, January 11th, the fun doesn’t stop there– we’ll be hanging out on Nuts About Southwest for a few more days to bring you our Top 10 Travel Technology picks from the show. We’re also going to write a very poignant, tear-jerking summary of our trip to Sin City. Okay, so maybe it won’t exactly induce sobs of sentimentality, but you get the picture.

If you’re interested in a broader scope of the tech industry, be sure to follow us over on our website,, where we’ll be keeping tabs on the latest and greatest from the technosphere (yes, it’s word).

We’d like to extend a huge “thank you” to Southwest for letting us crash their blog, and for helping us out on our way to the show. You guys are groovy!


The TRG Team