Salty, Sweet, and Fun to Eat…Honey Roasted Peanuts Are Back!


Tasty honey roasted peanuts are back and ready for takeoff! We like to shake it up at Southwest and switch between lightly salted and honey roasted peanuts.  The new year is all about tradition and the Spirit of Southwest as we celebrate our 40th anniversary, so what better way to celebrate than with the famous honey roasted nuts we all LUV?

Honey roasted peanuts are the highlight of any Southwest flight. Whether you’re flying a short distance or coast to coast, honey roasted peanuts will be there to add FUN to your flying experience. These sweet snacks are in transition to all Southwest aircrafts and by February 1st every flight will have honey roasted peanuts.

Honey roasted peanuts are just a bite-sized aspect of the Fun-LUVing culture and Spirit of Southwest. So sit back, relax, and enjoy this tasty treat on your next Southwest flight!


  1. Love the honey roasted peanuts, but I think they would seem more fitting in the gold packaging. Gold looks like honey.

  2. Whats the deal with peanuts anyway? As an adult with a peanut allergy I always put myself at risk when flying. Southwest always has original ideas.. why not serve something more original that wont threaten anyone’s life? raisins? prezels? goldfish? there are so many delicious alternatives..why not make flights safer? I love flying Southwest, but this issue really upsets me.

  3. Wow – guess Southwest could care less about customers who face this life-threatening allergy. Can’t fathom why the powers that be at Southwest prefer to risk a passenger going into anaphylaxis in flight rather than deny customers some nuts. My family has been using SW to fly to Florida every year – not going to happen anymore.