A quick schedule surprise–we’re adding service beginning at summer’s end!  One seasonal market that’s being extended … and two brand new routes that tie two of our newest markets to one of our oldest and most successful ones.

When we announced the seasonal resumption of nonstop Baltimore/Washington(BWI)-Los Angeles(LAX) service starting on May 9, we planned to end it again on August 13.  But WOW!  Our bookings have been so strong that we’re going to continue with one roundtrip, nonstop BWI-LAX flight that will continue on through at least October 30.   After that?  We’ll see!

Out in Phoenix (PHX), we’re adding new nonstop service to Minneapolis/St. Paul (two roundtrip nonstops begin effective August 15th) as well as between PHX and Boston/Logan (one daily roundtrip nonstop starts September 7th).  Both new markets will provide GREAT connectivity to/from the West Coast for our Customers in the Twin Cities and Boston, but both are large nonstop markets in and of themselves. 

These new markets are available for sale right now at  Happy booking, guys–and have a great week!




  1. love to see southwest in palm springs even just a few routes into major cities. THis is a great airline and would love for them to fly into and out of PSP. Not many options now from this airport and to fly southwest passengers must drives a few hours away.

  2. When is the next schedule update? I used to love that the main website posted an approximate date. But I Can not find it anywhere.
    P.S. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE start ORF-DEN service (ORF-DEN-SAN anyone?)

  3. I am currently a student at the University of South Carolina at Columbia and would LUV for Southwest to start flying out of Columbia. As many others have already commented there are no other options to fly Southwest unless I want to drive at least two hours away. My family use Southwest a ton and I could only imagine how many more times I could fly home (Chicago) if Southwest flew out of the area. Not only is there the campus with tens of thousands of students that need to come home ALL the time, but it is the capital, has many air force bases in the area, and would be a great location to fly out of for the surrounding area as well. At the very least some kind of service in the general vicinity would be nice. Thanks!

  4. once again i see dulles is left out of the loop. what is wrong with people in dallas? do you know realize the benefit of dulles? people in dc are willing to pay to fly out of dulles then drive over the bwi. you have said before you don’t make money on some of the flights and that’s why you got ride of the mco/tpa/las routes, but how about actually marketing your dulles service. i have lived in dc for 3 years and have only ever heard a commercial about dulles service once, and that was for the new denver service, which is going so well you added a second denver flight. i have literally heard hundreds of bwi commercials how about marketing your dulles service? don’t complain you’re not making money when you don’t do anything about it. if you actually have a phx non stop from dulles and market it, it would go as well as your new denver service, i guarantee it. how about possibly st. louis from dulles seeing american no longer does that route.

  5. So I think WN will have to be considered for CHS, GSP, BIL, CLT, TYS, MYR and etc. WN have to try to beef up more specific new routes to be added from PHX-ALB/JAX/FLL/RSW/BOI/GEG and etc. It will have to take the advantage of WN to get more new routes to be added. It’s extremely importance for customers who likely to get announced more cities sometimes in the future. I haven’t hear a rumors for which the routes to be announced from FLL-Caribbean or Latin American. Please do it for lonely passengers who likely go to Caribbean or Latin American, too.

    Please stepped it up to gets 5 more new cities to be announced in 2010. Please do console up for me soon as possible. Thank you for your understanding.

  6. Charlotte. Please add Charlotte. I’m sick of flying through Mylanta and I’m sick of driving down from Raleigh.

  7. BWI——->MSP———>BIL PLEASE!!

  8. PLEASE!! PLEASE!! PLEASE!! Consider a flight from BWI to BILLINGS LOGAN! You go all around there…Spokane…Salt Lake City…even Seattle!! Not to mention BWI/Minneapolis/St Paul connection.
    So come on guys…pleeeeeeeeese!! SWA…make my dreams come true! Make it easy to see my grandkids!

  9. I had heard that SWA was coming to Madison Wisconsin in May 2010. Is that true? We would really like to hear a big yes!

    • twb — 04-28-2010 at 6:09 am
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