Secure Flight Procedures


The Safety and Security  of our Customers is our number one priority at Southwest Airlines. Period. This commitment to a safe and secure operation is shared by all Southwest Employees, from the Boardroom to the New Hire training classroom. Our commitment to Safety and Security is job one throughout our aircraft, all over our 67 airports, and within our offices.

The commitment will expand on October 1, 2009. On that date Southwest Airlines will begin participating in the government’s new Secure Flight program. As a Customer, you may notice two small but meaningful changes when you book your reservation to fly under the new Secure Flight program. In addition to ensuring that the name provided when you book your travel matches the government ID (state issued drivers license or passport) that you will use when traveling, we will also ask for your date of birth and for your gender.

Why are we making these changes? Here are the two short answers: First, It’s the law! Uncle Sam enacted a statute back in 2004 mandating the Secure Flight program for all airlines along with many other programs recommended by the 9/11 Commission Report. Second, Secure Flight is an improvement to our aviation security program. These changes will further enhance our ability to prevent dangerous individuals from boarding our flights if they are on the federal government’s No-Fly list, and lessen the odds someone is wrongly matched on the No-Fly list.

For more information about the Secure Flight program go to:

Fly safe!


  1. Great – more meaningless paperwork and increased opportunities for the identity thieves.

    Concur with the person above noting the huge variety of ID name structures. My driver’s license includes a hypenated last name, but SW’s system can’t accept a hypen. So I’ll show up at the gate with my non-matching boarding pass and ID – what then?

    I know all this is a TSA mandate, but it was announced months ago. Surely SW has had time to update its system to accommodate the increasing numbers of people with hyphenated last names – especially if the edict from the feds was to match boarding passes and IDs!

  2. Strange, this is the second email I have gotten lately that I needed to validate. The first came from an ISP that should have known better. Additionally I had two people in my office ask about the SWA email as well. I agree with the comments above, drop the links. Let the person find their own way to your site and then give them a nice link on your page.

  3. I think it’s about time they start getting more strict and really checking who flies. I see too many people at the airport acting like the terrorist threat is over! It is not and I want to feel safe when I fly. As someone who is not about hurting others, I want them to check me more thourouh and make sure that I am a safe person to be on a plane. If they are that thourough with me then they will be with others. If they do this to everyone they have a greater chance of finding and stopping the ugly people who want to hurt and destroy Americans. This new update is to screen out the uglies and at the same time not make it a pain for us to fly. I say do it to it!