Southwest Airlines Intern to Southwest Employee


My summer of LUV at Southwest Airlines has been memorable, breathtaking, challenging and inspiring all at the same time. As I sit to write my last blog as an intern, I can’t help but reflect on what I wrote my first week here (it feels like only yesterday…), “I know that wherever my adventures may take me this summer, I will always have a family to come home to at Southwest, welcoming me with open arms.”

True, I have found family here at Southwest Airlines. During my Internship and on my numerous cross-country flights, I’ve had the opportunity to fly with and work with many amazing Employees. Each one was excited to hear about my Internship with Southwest, and each was encouraging in my future career endeavors. But, more importantly, each treated me with respect and admiration as if I was a close family member. And for that I could not be more thankful.
But, I have found so much more than family. I’ve found acceptance, encouragement, and what I hope will be the beginning of a very long, successful career at Southwest Airlines.
This summer has challenged me and pushed me outside my comfort level in more ways than one. I have tackled assignments and projects I didn’t think I had the skill set to accomplish. I’ve flown all over the country with people who were strangers six weeks ago and today are some of my closest friends. I’ve been stuck in more than one “nonrev black hole,” but have always made it back to work by Monday morning. And in these experiences, I’ve gained invaluable insight into the business world and have determined the qualities that set Southwest apart from the others.
I’ve realized that while Southwest stands for outstanding Customer Service, there is much more behind this brand than airplanes. The people I’ve come to know here have truly shown me the heart of Southwest Airlines. And I’ve come to understand that Southwest is much more than a Company, it is a Cause. And I could not be more enthused to stand as one of many in the fight for the Southwest Cause.

I am proud to say that at the completion of my Internship, I will be officially joining the Southwest family full-time in the Customer Relations department.  While first day jitters are just as strong as the first day of my Internship, I am excited to call the Company I’ve come to love my official home. But even more, I am excited to begin giving back to a Company that has given me so much.


  1. Great post Carlin. I will always cherish our time at the “Mega Desk”. Good luck in CR!

  2. Congradulations Whitney Welcome Home to Southwest.