Southwest Airlines Presents Double Credit Days


Today (April 7), our Frequent Flyer program, Rapid Rewards, is launching a full-scale double credit promotion—Double Credit Days—where Rapid Rewards Members can earn one bonus credit on every flight they book and travel between April 7 and May 26, 2010.  Therefore, if you’re a Rapid Rewards Member (and I certainly hope you are!), you’ll find this promotion to be quite rewarding.  With Double Credit Days, you’ll get two credits for every one-way flight and four credits if you’re traveling roundtrip from any city that we serve.  Since it takes only 16 credits to earn a free flight*, you’ll qualify for a Rapid Rewards Award in just four roundtrips with this promotion!

And let’s not forget that Business Select Fares get additional credit.  If you combine the bonus credit you get from our Double Credit Days promotion with the additional credit you already get from purchasing a Business Select Fare, you’ll get to an Award even faster by receiving 2.25 credits for shorthaul flights and 3.0 credits for longhaul flights.  That’s up to six credits for a longhaul roundtrip!  All you’ll need at this point is ten more credits, and we know that’s easy to do with Rapid Rewards and our Preferred Partners—and I’m not writing this as a Marketing plug, it’s based on my own experience as a Rapid Rewards Member.

Similar to other Rapid Rewards Members, I’m always looking for ways to maximize my credit earning potential and the Double Credit Days promotion is a perfect opportunity.  I already have a few credits in my account (in fact, I’m half a credit away from earning an Award!) simply from using my Southwest Airlines Rapid Rewards credit card from Chase, renting cars and staying at hotels that are among our Preferred Partners, dining at participating Rapid Rewards Dining restaurants, and signing up for our e-mail communications (Rapid Rewards E-mail Updates and The Rapid Rewards Report).  Knowing that I can combine the credits I earn from using our Preferred Partners with the ones I earn from flying, I may just skip the popular Employee “nonrev game” during this promotional period and purchase my flight(s)!  Not only will I satisfy the remaining half a credit, but I’ll be well on my way to earning additional credits toward my next Award!

You will, too, if you take advantage of our Double Credit Days promotion!  Simply register, book, and travel between April 7 and May 26 and watch your credits add up fast.  If you’re not yet a Rapid Rewards Member, enroll today so that you can begin earning double credit toward free flights too! 
See you on my next trip!

* The Rapid Rewards Award is free, but travel is subject to the government-imposed September 11th Security Fee of up to $10 per roundtrip.  Travel good on Southwest Airlines published, scheduled service.  All Rapid Rewards rules and regulations apply.


  1. I checked into that for you, Anonymous, and unfortunately, the reservation you booked prior to April 7 will not qualify for the double credits. To qualify, a Rapid Rewards Member must register for the promotion between April 7 and May 26, and all qualifying travel must be completed within that same timeframe. For more detailed info, you can go to>Rapid Rewards>Promotions. Hope that helps.

  2. If I already booked before April 7, but made changes to that booking between April 7 and May 20. Would that count as a double credit as well?

  3. Anonymous,
    please see Meniza’s post above. She says you have to register, book, and travel between April 7 and May 20.

  4. Do we get the extra credit if the ticket was puchased before April 7 for travel that falls within the promotional period?

  5. I wish to give my first complaint about Southwest that I have ever had. I have been an A-Lister at least 4 years… and twice I have been a ‘companion-passer’… So I really love the service. However, I have bought ten books for ‘drink tickets’ and though I do not drink alcohol very often, I use them to buy the Monster drink. Today was the first day since April 1st when apparently a policy went into effect not allowing these tickets to be used for Monster. I know the cost of Monster is only 3 bucks and a hard drink is 5 bucks. I also realize that using the tickets cost me more than if I paid cash. But now I own a bunch of tickets which I will seldom use.

    Could you not just realize that I do not mind overpaying for Monster and change your policy on this? Please consider revising your policy for people like me who like Monster. Even if you change it to having to buy some multiple of $3… like 3 monster for 2 tickets… it would sure make me happier that I have all these tickets.

    Thank you.
    Michael L Rodgers

  6. Quick question, in what year did you launch Nuts About Southwest?