Storm’s Aftermath Produces Servants’ Hearts


Southwest Airlines Employees are renowned for having Servants’ Hearts, but never have I seen this more evident than last month.  Less than 48 hours after tornadoes ripped through Royse City, Texas, a “band of brothers” from Dallas Maintenance (DMX) came together to help one of their own. 

On April 3, SWA DMX Employee John Wenck’s home was destroyed by one of the many tornadoes that hit the Royse City area.  John rode out the storm in an interior closet and thankfully was spared; his home was not as fortunate. 


Pictured above (left to right): Tracy Spivey, Larry Caldwell, Scott Andrezjwski, Scott McNabb, John Wenck, Dustyn Martin, Gayle Hoyt, Pat Krason, Steve Spaur, and  Rich Grenschaw (friend).  Not pictured: Jillian Spaur 

As the news spread through DMX, several stepped up to see how they could help.  When John faced a time of need, these men made a plan and went into action.  While nothing could be done to save John’s house, they could make the salvage process more bearable.  And they did this with the Warrior Spirit of drive and determination!  They even provided John the chance to find a smile along the way. 


In Action:  Dustyn Martin, Scott McNabb, Larry Caldwell, Gayle Hoyt, and Scott Andrezjwski.

While volunteers from Elevate Life Church in Frisco carried the debris from the yard to dumpsters, the DMX crew made fast work of the chaos.   I was stunned that, in a little more than five hours, John’s salvageable items had been pulled from the wreckage, and the “starting over” process could begin. 

These men didn’t do this for recognition or glory; they helped because that’s just who they are!  They are dedicated in all that they do—and to those around them.   When looking for the epitome of the “Southwest Way” you only have to look as far as our Maintenance Team—they live the Warrior Spirit, with a Servant’s Heart, and yes, they know how to have Fun along the way!