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Covert Ops in a Southwest city tomorrow


I’ve gotten to do some pretty crazy things working for Southwest (surprising Employees with $10,000, dressing up as a plane at our Milwaukee tailgate, flying as a leprechaun on St. Patrick’s Day…) but this special event just might take the cake. If only I could tell you what it is. Sorry, you’ll have to check back in with us tomorrow, specifically around 8:30... read more

Food Flight!—Chicago Midway


It’s time for another edition of Food Flight, and this one leads us to the one and only Windy City. Chicago is famous for its foodie-friendly delights, and its Midway Airport is no different.  These three offerings are sure to tempt your palate before you head out into that arctic blast they call “winter.” Superdawg There’s an old saying: “When in Chicago, one must... read more

Employees Agree: Southwest tops best places to work survey


We love awards here at Southwest, and lucky for us, we seem to get a lot of them! This latest one was especially meaningful as it was based upon our own Employees' opinions. Glassdoor.com, a jobs web site, collected reviews from employees from various American companies throughout 2009. Well, the results are in, and Southwest landed on top! 11,000 companies were considered,... read more

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The 12 Days of LUV


“On the first day of Christmas, my true love gave to meeeee…” Nope, it’s not a partridge in a pear tree. But, it could be a $1,000 southwestgiftcard® if you’re lucky! Whozawhatsit?!! You heard me right, beginning today and running for (duh) 12 days, Southwest is partnering with our travel buddy, Visa, for a holiday giveaway extravanganza! Here are the details: On... read more

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Only Turkeys Charge for Bags


This Thursday, November 26th, is Thanksgiving. You probably already know that, but here at Southwest Airlines, we'd also like to point out that it's "Bags Fly Free Day." Just kidding, that's every day! If you happen to be flying Southwest during the busiest travel days of the year, keep a look-out for our smiling Employees and their bright orange buttons proudly... read more

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Latino Art Beat


This episode of Red Belly Radio was recorded in the city so nice they named it twice. Olga and Lindsey, from our Communication Department, were in New York, New York, at the Southwest Porch in Bryant Park celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month with Latino Art Beat. Latino Art Beat is a nonprofit charity that gives scholarships to Hispanic students with artistic talent. Since... read more

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A Good Vintage: Napa Contest Winners Announced


This is my 76th episode and it is also a first. For the past two days we have been collecting answers to the question: "Why You'd Rather Be Drinking Wine than Working" in celebration of our new addition of Coastal Ridge Chardonnay and Coastal Ridge Merlot to our in-flight beverage offerings. Hundreds of you have submitted entries on this blog, through Twitter, and on... read more

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Phone It In…It’s On!


We’ve got another round of “It’s On” ads coming out this weekend, and this episode of Red Belly Radio is about an ‘It’s On” contest we held just for our Employees. The criterion was pretty simple: call a number and leave what you think might make a good ringtone using the words: “It’s On.” As you can imagine, we got a variety of entries, and some of the... read more

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Food Flight!


It’s no secret. I love food. And I’m happy I get to partake in it three times a day (and sometimes more). I also love traveling, so working for Southwest Airlines just puts the cherry on top of my sundae of a job. Since I started at Southwest, I think I’ve flown more in eight months than I have in my combined 23 years before. I’ve also seen a heckuva lot of airports. ... read more

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Southwest’s LIFT…it’s a cup above the rest!


It’s not every day you see green beans roll off an assembly line…coffee green beans, that is. The Southwest Airlines Emerging Media Team (plus an Employee Communications stowaway) had the once-in-a-lifetime chance to tour the Mother Parkers Tea and Coffee plant out in Fort Worth, TX.  Mother Parkers has a rich and full-bodied history (pun intended), just like Southwest.... read more

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