Tapping The Rockies in the Name of Innovation


Southwest’s canyon blue planes are pretty heavy. 83,000 pounds, to be exact (and that’s without a full cabin).  But here at Southwest, we’re innovators. Thinkers. Do-ers. We know a light plane tends to fly faster. 
So when presented with the opportunity to bring Coors Light back on board, we knew it was the right call (not the first time we’ve made the right call, either). 
Here’s how I see it:
  • With more light beer on board, the plane will go faster.
  • Time flies when you’re having fun, so Customers will also benefit.
  • The ability to go from “Cold” to “Super Cold” will enable us to be more green, since we’ll burn less fuel by not having to turn on inflight air-conditioning.
Please remember: this post comes to you on behalf of a team of Communicators. We probably should’ve consulted our Maintenance & Engineering Department, or the great People in Strategic Planning.
Or maybe, we should consult you: how else will Coors Light help innovate Southwest? Let us know in the comments section.
And if you’re still not catchin’ what I’m throwin’, we’re Tappin’ the Rockies:
The Return of Coors Light
[Disclaimer: this is a completely fabricated post to inform Customers that Coors Light is back on board Southwest Airlines.  Enjoy!]


  1. I luv to drink a great Craft Beer in my travels all over the country; but when Southwest takes me there; I’m very happy to now have Coors Light to get with my Business Select Drink Tickets! I would luv it even better if SWA got some craft beers as well; or even just Sam Adams. However; I’m very VERY happy to be able to tap the rockies on my flights!!! Bring on that Super Cold can!

  2. Lightin the load, but I still love my Hieniken!!

  3. How exciting!! Nothing like a cool refreshing coors light to relax you on a long or short flight! LOL And for those that aren’t happy.. Go fly with someone else and sip on your rail vodka and cranberries!! I think this is great!! Thanks southwest! :)

  4. How do I get drink tickets, or are they available any more

  5. Been drinking Coors Light since I was in college (too many years to remember). It’s nice to have something I have all the time. Some of the others that have been on the menu were terrible! Thanks for the change!!

  6. WOOH HOOH – that is the greatest news I have heard since Southwest came to Denver!!! I love Southwest and I love Coors Light!!

  7. Hope I can get aone of those little blue planes to go along with the Coors Light, too, if I order.