Tickets for Time and New Volunteer Database


"Tickets for Time." It just rolls off the tongue, doesn’t it? Tickets for Time (T4T) is more than a kitschy catchphrase, it’s the name of Southwest’s newest program for Employee volunteers.  Go ahead; say it. "Tickets for Time." Now try it with a Texas accent and you’ve just done an impersonation of me.

We know the positive impact that volunteers have on communities is remarkable, and we’re proud to support volunteers and their missions. To pay tribute to our own Employee volunteers and to further our commitment to the communities we serve, Southwest Airlines is excited to introduce the T4T program powered by the Share the Spirit database.

For every 40 hours registered in the Share the Spirit database by Employees who have volunteered for an organization, the benefitting nonprofit organization is eligible to receive one complimentary, roundtrip ticket on Southwest Airlines for fund-raising or transportation needs. A nonprofit organization may receive up to six tickets a year through T4T and the hours can be accrued by one or more volunteers.

Last year, we crunched the numbers and learned that Southwest Airlines Employees shared their spirit by collectively volunteering more than 35,000 hours to nonprofit organizations across the country. That’s about one volunteer hour to every Southwest Employee!  We wanted to create a program that would help us support the efforts of our hard-working volunteers. Now we have a program with not only a cool name, but one that shows our commitment to the great tradition of volunteerism and to the charitable organizations that do so much to make our communities better places to live and work.



  1. I would like to volunteer to learn skills in airlines business such as CSR agent help in the reservation ticketing and check in at the airport and also at the gate or loss and found dept. anything to help customer and airline company.
    Do you have any opening like that in Denver International Airport? because I live in Denver.
    I am willing to get my background and drugtest and anyother test or fill application just like to apply a job but this is for volunteering. I can approved tha I am a US Citizen, and also to prove for airport security check for airport. I have NO other purpose to do this just want to learn so next time I would get hired in airlines job. I like this kind a job.
    Thanks very much for your kindly attention to get back to me.
    Please contact me thru my email.

  2. Phyllis,

    Tickets for Time (T4T) is our Incentive Program created to recognize Southwest Employee volunteerism and further our commitment to the communities we serve. Only volunteer hours completed by Southwest Airlines Employees will be counted toward these awards. If any of your organization’s volunteers are Southwest Employees, they can register their hours through our internal SWALife web site.

    Hope that helps!

  3. How to we sign up our volunteers to help us get tickets donated to the foundation.

  4. I have volunteerinf for over 38 years and running all kinds of fundraisers. I put together all kinds of baskets for raffles and silent auction and was wondering if something like this could be of some help to us for our raffles . How do we go about applying for it.

  5. Wow! Thank you all for your generous out pouring of excitement about the Tickets for Time program! We’re proud to support our Employee volunteers and the nonprofit organizations where they serve. We’ve loved reading about your wonderful organizations that are making a difference in our communities every day. With so many deserving nonprofit organizations out there, our Employees are encouraged to seek out causes that are close to their hearts. The tradition of volunteerism at Southwest has always been grassroots in nature; and we’re confident that the organizations that benefit from this program will be as diverse, unique and exceptional as the Southwest Employees who serve with them.
    In addition to the Tickets for Time program, Southwest provides direct support to various qualified 501(c)(3)nonprofit organizations, particularly those that fall within our areas of focus: Families Facing Serious Illness, Military and their Families, Youth Leadership and Community Involvement, Disaster Preparedness and Response, and the Environment. Unfortunately, our policies prohibit our sponsorship or endorsement of individuals’ fundraising campaigns. If you are a part of a nonprofit organization and would like to request a donation, visit
    Keep on keepin’ on, Friends! Together we can make a difference in this world.

  6. I am definitely excited to get out there an volunteer. I have been interested in getting involved over the last year. I really believe this is the little incentive/push that I needed to take that next step and get out there. I think this program is outstanding and I am happy that southwest is introducing this program. I can’t wait to help !! It’s a win-win situation… I get to help which is a good feeling , the organization gets some much needed help and also free tickets to raise money towards their great cause.

  7. Delaware Humane Association is a non profit animal shelter in Wilmington, Delaware. How can we sign up for your wonderful program?