Update on Wi-Fi


Southwest now has four aircraft up and running with Wi-Fi service—and so far, the testing is going really well.  Southwest has operated the service on more than 500 flights and more than 9,000 Customers have logged on. Folks are utilizing Wi-Fi for anything from e-mail to surfing the net to Facebook and the feedback so far has been great.  Comments we are hearing from Customers are that the service is fast and they’re pleased with the quality of streaming media.


Our service provider, Row 44, is entering the final stages of securing permanent FCC licensing which is obviously important for Southwest Airlines!  We’re excited about the possibility of offering Wi-Fi for our Customers and will continue to survey those using the service through the spring.  Let us know if you’ve used the service, and tell us what you think! (For you airline geeks out there who want to see if you might be flying these planes, here are the tail numbers of the Wi-Fi equipped planes: N901WN, N902WN, N906WN, and N907WN.)



  1. dude… WN.. is… a BEAST!
    i love southwest!
    I’m flying you guys in two weeks.
    and then again in winter from AUS-MDW.
    I’m hoping by then that my AUS-MDW flight will have wifi! =]
    Keep it up Southwest. We Love You.

  2. I had wifi access this morning from MHT to MCO and it was great. It did take about 10 minutes after reaching 10k feet before the access point showed up but then it was fine. The speed was awesome! SpeakEasy speed test through Dallas and Seattle was 7MB/200Kbs. For Chicago it was 8MB/200Kbs. I had to play with my work VPN settings but I was able to get that to go. I was also able to make a Skype call without any issues and the sound quality was excellent. As far as I am concerned the service is working fine and I’m more than willing to drop $10 to $20 for access on a flight. Time to roll it out systemwide! Air Tran will have it on all 136 of it’s planes by summer. Delta has it on 139 of it’s planes and will have it on 500 by the end of the year. Virgin has it on 28 of it’s planes including all flights out of Boston. I hope you guys are feeling the heat!

  3. hi sw airlines,

    i was on a flight yesterday from austin to phoenix with your wifi connection. i loved it. the only thing tricky was the log on didnt seem to work instantly and took a number of attempts for me and the passengers around me (maybe we all were trying to log in at once and it bottle necked the system?). anyhow, great service! keep it up! i couldnt find out where to leave feedback other than here so please forward this to the appropriate folks…