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Giving Wings to Young Minds


For almost 15 years now, I’ve had the sincere privilege of being a Southwest Airlines Adopt-a-Pilot.  I cannot begin to capture the flood of memories I have from working with these amazing kids over the years.  It is one of the few things in life I get to do that never gets old. The Southwest Adopt-a-Pilot (AAP) program is heading into its 17th year, and, to date, it has... read more

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Military Heroes Month: The Sacrifices for Freedom


We have some remarkable People walking the halls of Southwest Airlines, working around the system, and flying in our aircraft over America’s skies.  We work alongside individuals who have served in combat, downed enemy aircraft, and conducted covert missions deep behind enemy lines. Though they are from all walks of life, the central theme that runs through each of them is... read more

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Introducing the Adopt-A-Pilot Tie Design Contest Winner!


As a member of the Adopt-A-Pilot program, I have the opportunity to go into fifth-grade classrooms and help shape impressionable minds each school year. Through this program, the Pilots who volunteer their time are tasked with teaching school children about not only aerodynamics, math, and geography, but the hard work it will take to reach their goals. Each year,... read more

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Adopt-A-Pilot Reaches More Than 400,000 Kids


For me, it’s important that we invest in the future of our country by giving from the heart and devoting time to the future generations.  Through Southwest’s Adopt-A-Pilot Program, we Pilots have the opportunity to go into classrooms all across America and help shape impressionable minds.  Helping kids dream big dreams—this is why I volunteer for Southwest’s... read more

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Always Getting More Than I Could Ever Give


Even after many years of doing Adopt-a-Pilot, I am still astounded at the benefits I receive as I am trying to give a little of my time to these students—this year is certainly no exception.  I was asked by the fine ladies in the Adopt-a-Pilot Program (and they are simply the best) to be adopted by Plano Senior High School (in Plano, Texas) with a very special group of... read more

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