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Southwest Connects Customers to International Destinations


As Southwest Airlines continues to integrate its network with AirTran’s we are creating opportunities for our Customers by way of improved itineraries and by adding new cities to Southwest’s route map. Another of those opportunities began last week as we are now bringing our Customers a way to book international destinations through by linking Customers... read more

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There’s an App for that!


Be sure and listen to last week's Red Belly Radio podcast interview of Kendall. You know the people I’m talking about: the ones that can’t seem to put their smartphones away.  Ever.  In fact, it physically hurts them to put their phone away during a flight, and when their plane lands and they hear that DING!, they have to turn their phone on immediately.  They have to... read more

Load Planning System


  March 24 marked another huge milestone for Southwest Airlines!  Since our inception almost 38 years ago, loading baggage into the bins of our aircraft has been completely manual.  Our Ramp Agents determined the total amount of freight and baggage to be transported on the flight, and from that information, they would “plan” the distribution of the cargo between... read more

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