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Flying on Borrowed Wings


We all board the plane with a story. We come from different places; travel for different reasons. Some excited about the journey ahead, some pleading to turn back around. Whatever the reason, we are all passengers headed somewhere.I am one of those passengers, but I am no ordinary passenger. I am not traveling for a vacation or to visit a loved one like most might assume. I... read more

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SWA Stew: Episode 56


We say goodbye to another batch of great interns in this edition of the Stew.  We're also talking about an airline that's eerily similar to Southwest, Dish Trip: Atlanta, August's Spirit issue, St. Luke's Rehabilitation Institute's therapy module, and last week's fare sale issue.  

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From: Kevin Bailey

Independence Day Spectacle

The following contribution comes courtesy of Kevin Bailey, a Volunteer Photographer for the Vietnam War Flight Museum:  A big tip of the hat to Southwest Airlines for sponsoring not only the July 4 Freedom Fest in downtown Houston, but also for sponsoring a pair of beautiful World War II 'Warbird' formations that flew over the crowds in the late afternoon.  Just as the... read more

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Meteorology Monday: June 4 – June 10


The week ahead is shaping up to be rather wet, especially the first half, including some potentially beneficial rainfall across Texas, Florida, and other parts of the south.  The Northeast will also see scattered showers the first few days of the week, with thunderstorm chances also increasing by mid-week.  Windy with some blowing dust in the Southwest on Monday and... read more

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When Life Handed Me Lemons, Lemonade It Was


This year, MD Anderson’s Pediatric Education and Creative Arts Unit joined forces with Southwest Airlines Houston Employees to prepare young entrepreneurs to hold a successful Pediatric “Lemonade Day!”   This creative and fun program was the idea of MD Anderson’s art teacher, Mindy LeBoeuf, as a way to collaborate art and academic instruction in hospital... read more

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Happy Jack: A Day in the Life of one of Southwest’s Biggest Fans


Jack Henry has been ‘geek chic’ for Southwest Airlines since his first SWA flight 2 1/2 years ago. Like most little boys, we considered his penchant for planes to be fairly typical, but Jack’s love of planes was specific to SWA.  He talked so much about Southwest that the following year, when we made our summer vacation plans, we specifically decided to fly... read more