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Hey there, Trooper!


The New Year is here, and that means we’re in the coldest months of 2013.  Time to make sure you’re bundling up properly, and no better place to start than the top! Introducing: The Trooper Hat!You can buckle this hat to hold the flaps.  And you might be wondering… hey, where’s the SWA branding?! You’re sportin’ it from the back.So do your ears a favor... read more

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Retro Cooking!


A waiting-to-be-cooked holiday dinner is a fresh palette, primed to become a beautiful masterpiece. Like any artist, you need the proper tools to achieve seasonal cooking success, and the proper ingredients, too. It’s not all about the food, though. You need to look good during each culinary conquest! And what better way to look than to model one of our iconic 1970’s... read more

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Giddyup, is open for business!


We are very pleased to announce the unveiling of our new and improved online Freedom Shop!  Getting up and running has been such an exciting adventure.  From choosing the products to feature, to selecting which Southwest Airlines Employees would become our "runway" models.The improved Freedom Shop website features an array of different items,... read more

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