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Best of Flashback Fridays: Dallas Love Field Before Southwest Airlines


In this week’s “Best of” Brian Lusk’s Flashback Fridays, we take a look back at not only a brief history of Love Field before Southwest Airlines, but also at some great photos from Brian’s own postcard collection. Although Brian’s story on Love Field begins in in the 1940s, it’s fun to note that, nearly 100 years ago—in 1917—aviators from the U.S. Army first... read more

Southwest Airlines Carries the US Honor Flag


Last week Southwest Airlines had the privilege of transporting the U.S. Honor Flag from San Diego to Sacramento. This United States flag flew over Ground Zero after the September 11, 2001 attacks, and since then, the flag continues to fly in support of our country’s heroes. The U.S. Honor Flag has flown over our United States Military in combat zones, the Pentagon,... read more

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Southwest Airlines Helps Keeps the Dream Alive


On January 12, 4:43 local time, a catastrophic magnitude 7.0 earthquake devastated the island nation of Haiti. When the dust settled, approximately 250,000 people died, another 300,000 were injured, and a staggering three million people were left homeless. The destruction this event left behind will be felt for generations to come. One of the countless groups affected by... read more

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Flashback Fridays–20 Years at Burbank for Southwest Airlines


We like to think that all of the 68 airports (soon to be 69 with the addition of the Northwest Florida Beaches International Airport in May) that Southwest Airlines serves are important, but some hold a unique historical distinction, like the Bob Hope Airport in Burbank.  Southwest’s history at Burbank goes back 20 years to April 16, 1990.  Until 1947, Los Angeles... read more

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Flashback Fridays–New views of OO-TEM


A few weeks ago, I did a post that mentioned a 737-200 that we operated on lease from Trans European Airways (TEA) in Belgium.  In that post and a subsequent posting on interim liveries, we never posted a photo that really showed the aircraft in its TEA livery with Southwest titles and it’s Belgian registration, OO-TEM.  Well, this post aims to rectify that.  I asked... read more

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New Service between Beantown and the City of Brotherly Love


Good morning folks!  When we first announced our new service to Boston (BOS) last year , one of the most frequently-asked-for markets was BOS-Philadelphia (PHL).  It wasn't in the initial plans---but starting June 27th, we're jumping in with five daily roundtrips!  Flights and fares are available now at ! While we're at it, next time you're flying on... read more



This morning Southwest began accepting reservations for the January 9 - March 12, 2010 date range.  First---we're beginning new nonstop flights between St. Louis and two of our very newest destinations.  Southwest will add service on January 10th in the Boston-St. Louis and Minneapolis/St. Paul-St. Louis markets, both with two daily roundtrips each.  Not only are... read more

To Assign or Not to Assign, That is the Question


As many of you know, the question about whether to keep our open seating or to assign seats has been the Southwest question for the past couple of years.  Proponents of each process have been very vocal and heartfelt in support of their positions, and my post of last summer generated more than 700 comments (including those on a followup post).  To those who weighed in on... read more