A Day in the Life of a 25 Minute Turn


In this video we take you behind the scenes, to see what it takes to get our planes unloaded, stocked, cleaned, and reloaded in just under 25 minutes.  Thank you to the great crew in ABQ for your help with this video!


  1. wow! you may want to leave the film making to professionals and go back to work a t-point.

  2. you should do a day in the life of a flight attendant
    but these videos are great i would love to work for southwest

  3. Instead of this commentary (insert here the name of all who want to whine), what about taking a trip on another airline who does not even TRY to turn-around quickly, since occasional human mistakes, unconrollable weather delays, and other unforseen events are apparently unexceptable to you? I, for one, will take the goal of fast service, and the fact that I see it reached regularly, over flying an airline I know by the end of the day will have wasted so much time between landings and take-offs that I am guarenteed a delay. But as I always say when I fail to understand others. “To each, their own”!

  4. A blatant, biased, one-sided version of Southwest. Kind of like patting yourself on the back. Funny how you fail to recognize the incompetence within your operations.

  5. Now, on the other hand, if we did a video of a day in the life of Christi doing a day in the life video, that would be some exciting stuff. Paula, for that, I would offer up my office.

  6. Plus, Brian is very particular about filming in his office. I tried recently, but was only allowed after some sweet talk and back massaging.

  7. Drew,
    I keep telling Paula and Christi that “A Day in the Life of Blog Boy” would make for boffo box office returns but no one believes me. I’m afraid that any video image of me would bring this series to a grinding halt.
    Blog Boy